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Gary Snyder and Tom Killion at Book Passage

Book Passage Corte Madera was packed to the gills on Tuesday for Gary Snyder and Tom Killion’s presentation of Tamalpais Walking. Book Passage’s ample event space was so full that people watched the two authors on TV screens set up around the bookstore and cafe. Compliments to the bookstore’s well-trained staff for handling the event […]

Wheels of Change

The author of Heyday’s upcoming car culture book, Wheels of Change: From Zero to 600 m.p.h.: The Amazing Story of California and the Automobile, Kevin Nelson, ruminated on the fate of paperbacks on his blog recently. The end of the book as we know it is being hotly debated, but that isn’t stopping us—Kevin included—from […]

The art of bookbinding

John DeMerritt, a bookbinder with a studio in Emeryville, was written up by Edward Guthmann in the San Francisco Chronicle today. The headline of the article captured the art form nicely: “Age-old craft using 19th century tools.” For a centuries-old craft, John’s work is pretty cutting edge. He gave a presentation at Heyday a few […]

Tamalpais Walking #5 on Chronicle bestseller list!

Gold fever

Heyday is publishing a book in the fall called, Medicine Trails: A Life in Many Worlds, a memoir of a medicine woman in the Karuk tribe of California’s Humboldt County. Not only does it open your eyes to experiences that are completely unfamiliar to most Americans, it is also full of funny little anecdotes that […]

Timberline’s Story

Heyday author Erika Mailman referred to a photo of a Dodge City, KS prostitute named Timberline for inspiration while writing her novel, Woman of Ill Fame, a murder mystery centered around a prostitute in gold rush San Francisco. (Timberline’s original photo from the Kansas State Historical Society is above, along with the final cover design […]

Heyday Wordle

Have you discovered yet? Plug in a website address, piece of text, or user name and it’ll generate a unique piece of word art. The more frequent the word, the bigger the word. Here’s what Heyday’s site generated–notice that the biggest words are “California” and “Dream.”

Mother Goose off to a second printing

Mother Goose in California is returning to the printers for a second run right as the book makes its official debut in April. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the book has garnered enthusiastic early response and Doug Hansen has had several successful events. Here he is in action at an “Oh My Gosh!” […]