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Tamalpais Walking does it again!

Tom Killion and Gary Snyder’s book was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle again today. The first time was a glowing book review by Jonah Raskin and today’s story was by Heidi Benson that included photos of Tom on Mt. Tam and prints from the book. We’re almost out of the first edition of the […]

The fall catalog is in!

The photo on the cover of this catalog is a Rondal Partridge print. In our search for the *perfect* 35th anniversary image, we went through many Heyday books until we came upon “Anise Quartet, 1995” in Quizzical Eye, Ron’s book with us. While it’s a beautiful image from nature—quite appropriate for Heyday—at a quick glance […]

Exploring Yosemite’s backcountry

Scot Miller, one of the photographers of First Light: Five Photographers Explore Yosemite’s Wilderness, sent over videos he posted on YouTube of the trips they took into the backcountry. The first video below has some gorgeous footage of the hidden side of Yosemite, replete with lush forests and towering granite vistas. The second video is […]

Heyday’s May Day

Fun was had by all last Friday at Heyday’s 35th anniversary “party for the people” despite the  soggy weather that blew in. It was wonderful to see authors, board members, and old friends of Heyday mingle over burgers and beer, and stare in wonder at Reuben Margolin’s kinetic sculptures. Thank you all for celebrating Heyday’s […]