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The Editorial Hobgoblin

When we’re going to publish a manuscript, we read it and think about how clearly the author has expressed his or her ideas, how well the story flows, whether something’s missing, and so on. Our suggestions to the author resemble baking tips: plump it up here, smooth it out there, maybe you should patch this […]


Every California-educated fourth-grader who didn’t sleep through English class knows that Mark Twain was the pen name for one Mr. Samuel Langhorne Clemens. (Incidentally, Twain probably wouldn’t have minded anyone sleeping through that tidbit so long as he or she was at least dreaming about something worthwhile.) As I proofread Heyday’s forthcoming book The Illuminated Landscape: […]

From rock falls to art on the wall

The Yosemite Panoramic Imaging Project has produced a photo that spans the eight-mile area from the Rockslides to Snow Creek of Yosemite Valley. To call it simply a photo, though, doesn’t quite do it justice. The National Park Service and xRez Studio of Los Angeles began the project to better monitor rock-fall activity. They created […]

Taking the Leap

I’m a self-confessed gadget geek, and this applies to software, too. Heyday recently took the leap and purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4, and I just installed it on my computer. New toy alert! For you non-techies, CS4 is the industry-standard nuts-and-bolts magic potion that helps us designer-types transform wonderful content from authors, editors, poets, artists, […]

Kate at Bess Press, HI

Kate Brumage, Director of Publishing Partnerships at Heyday, recently took a trip to Hawaii to visit local Honolulu publisher Bess Press. While at the Bess Press offices, Kate delivered a talk on the publishing business to English majors from the University of Hawaii.  

Two Years Before the Mast

Many of us have substantial book collections, and those collections often concentrate largely on one or two particular areas of interest. My own shelves, for example, are full of books of myths and folklore. For some, however, that concentration becomes much more focused. Serious collectors often focus on first editions and rare books, or on […]

Follow in History’s Foote-steps at Quicksilver Park

There is mystery in the brooding hillsides at Almaden Quicksilver County Park. Beneath the rolling hills of oak woodlands and serpentine grass meadows lies an underground maze of mining tunnels that once fed the second largest mercury mine in the world. Today, mountain bikers and hikers tread over the same dirt roads where horsecarts and […]