Archives for August 2011

Reflections on California’s State Park Crisis

My dad has a map of Annadel State Park printed on a purple bandanna. As we hike up to lake Ilsanjo, my family and I take turns checking it. When we get to the lake, we dip it into the cool water and take turns tying it around our necks. Ham and cheese sandwiches followed […]

Mr. and Mrs. Parrot

They come most mornings at about ten twenty-five. Each vivid green, with a brillant scarlet helmet and a shrill accompaniment of squawking voices. They chatter, squawk, yell at each other incessantly. She hears them, looks out to the large palm tree interrupting her view south easterly and there they are, silhouetted against the sky, balancing and bouncing on the swaying palm fronds.

Heyday as Therapy

I wanted to write a cleverly intellectual blog post as my last act at Heyday, to show off my English major skills and everything that I’ve learned this summer. But alas, I sit here on my final day congested, hoarse, and sucking on a cough drop as if that’s what’s keeping me alive. Regardless, here […]

Dressed for Success

The first time I set foot inside the Heyday building, I was wearing a gray dress shirt, black pants, and a slightly too-large black two-button jacket. Add this to a cruelly beautiful summer day and a high level of anxiety, and you get a very sweaty Cal undergrad. I slurred my speech, I blanked on […]