Archives for January 2012

Q & A with “Take Me to the River” editors Joell and Coke Hallowell

For ten years, Coke Hallowell and her daughter Joell asked people with deep connections to the San Joaquin, “What was your life like along the river?” With candor and enthusiasm, people responded. Take Me to the River recounts the many trials—damming, overpopulation, climate change—and triumphs that a river undergoes in our times. What was it […]

Q & A with “Turned Round in My Boots” author Bruce Patterson

Upon returning to American soil after the Vietnam War, Patterson has only one rule: “Never take a job you couldn’t quit.” And so begins his formidable journey of learning how to re-adapt to civilian life. Told with remarkable honesty, Turned Round in My Boots is a powerful and engaging tale about hard work, true love, […]

Q & A with “Cityscapes” author John King

An outgrowth of “Cityscape,” a weekly column that debuted in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009, Cityscapes is part history, part guidebook, and part architectural primer. John King is the San Francisco Chronicle’s urban design critic. He joined the paper in 1992 and has been in his current post since 2001. His writing on architecture and […]

Q & A with “Making Home from War” editor Brian Komei Dempster

Written by twelve Japanese American elders who gathered regularly at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, Making Home from War is a collection of stories about their exodus from concentration camps into a world that in a few short years had drastically changed. What is the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of […]

A Hmong Generation Finds Its Voice in Writing

But as the first generation to grow up with a written language, English — rather than the traditional spoken Hmong — the members of the Hmong American Writers’ Circle are addressing a new kind of coming of age in America. It is one in which living room sofas are moved for the arrival of a shaman on Saturday mornings and in which Fourth of July fireworks are avoided because they elicit terrifying flashbacks among their parents.