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Ten Lions opens its door with a roar

CALIFORNIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY and HEYDAY introduce  TEN LIONS: A community space and bookstore  San Francisco, CA (February 26, 2012) – The California Historical Society (CHS) and Heyday today launched Ten Lions, a new bookstore and community space at CHS in San Francisco. Ten Lions features key Heyday titles that focus on California’s myriad stories as well as locally […]

A “national treasure”: Malcolm Margolin honored by National Endowment for the Humanities

National Endowment for the Humanities to honor Heyday publisher Malcolm Margolin with Chairman’s Commendation Award presented by Chairman Jim Leach to celebrate forty years of contributions to California history and culture San Francisco, CA (March 28, 2012) – The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) will honor longtime Berkeley publisher Malcolm Margolin with the Chairman’s Commendation, […]

Q&A with Carlos E. Cortés, author of “Rose Hill”

A poignant memoirist, Carlos E. Cortés brings his past to life in Rose Hill: An Intermarriage before its Time, portraying multiracial relationships and the impact they had on the development of his identity. Sometimes hilarious and at times tragic, this powerful narrative takes the reader on a journey of self-realization that speaks to us on […]

Q&A with “All of Us or None” author Lincoln Cushing

Following the controversial history of protest art, Lincoln Cushing presents a powerfully engaging narrative celebrating the sociopolitical energy and sense of immediacy that is unique to this particular art form. With an astounding collection of over 24,000 posters, All of Us or None depicts the evolution of the genre and relates it back to our […]

Finished?: The book building process

Each season, Heyday’s interns write thoughtful blog posts on their experiences as insiders in the book publishing industry. This January, Anna Zeemont came to us from Oberlin College for a 30-day full-time intensive internship in Sales and Marketing. Here are her thoughts. During my time at Heyday, I tried to gain an expansive view of the […]