A Brand New Heyday

What does Heyday mean to you? What does Heyday mean to us? Those were two questions we asked ourselves over and over as we tried to articulate what Heyday really means to California.

We thought about what our purpose should be and talked about the promise we wanted to make to our readers. With the help of the Taproot Foundation, we interviewed many people who have interacted with Heyday over the last thirty-five years and imagined what we wanted to do over the next thirty-five years.

It’s been a long journey but the day has finally arrived; we have a new logo (see the banner above), a new mission statement, and we’re ready to embark on our next great adventure. As our publisher, Malcolm Margolin, once said, “This is turning out to be not just an intellectual exercise but a search for the soul of Heyday. While I know there’s a fire beneath the surface, I’ve never seen it directly, just lived off its reflected warmth. As we plunge ever onward, I can’t think of anything more exciting, more promising, and more fulfilling.”

Be sure to check back soon to find out why our new tagline is “into California.” You’ll also hear from our art director on how she came up with our new logo.

And don’t forget to enter our giveaway! In honor of this new chapter in Heyday’s story, we’re giving away our top dozen bestselling titles as one prize package! This California Desk Set includes a little bit of everything — something for everyone.

Susan (Marketing and Publicity)