A California Legacy Project: The Artwork

cal_legacy_artwork_1.jpgWorking on the cover art for the Cal Legacy Project has been a great learning experience and so much fun. Alex, Heyday’s Publisher’s Intern, has been a fantastic art director. Neither of us had much experience with art direction, thus we gathered valuable advice from Heyday’s wonderful staff members. From there, we created an image symbolizing the partnership of Santa Clara University and Heyday, both of whom celebrate California’s diversity and natural beauty. The process started with a concept that Alex described to me in detail. She wanted to represent the partnership using California’s native flora, hinting at a bright future and capturing Santa Clara’s esteemed reputation. 
We went through four stages of preliminary sketches. My goal was to make the illustration seem like a window to the future, hence the border around the edges. I included iconic California flora like Live Oaks, Poppies, and Purple Needlegrass. The book represents the publishing partnership, and Alex had the great idea of including both institutions’ logos to further highlight their collaboration. All in all, this has been a great experience, and I was so happy to be included. I hope the artwork is as enjoyable to look at as it was for Alex and me to create.  Thank you, Alex, for being such a great art director!
Annette Filice
(Scientific Illustrator Intern)


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