A Summer of California

Summer’s finally winding down, and though I hate to say it, so is my time as a marketing and publicity intern at Heyday. It’s amazing and nearly unbelievable that the spirit of a publishing company can be traced from each thoughtfully crafted book, each handwritten note, and each wooden nook and cranny of this house, but it’s certainly there and I’ll certainly miss it.

When I look back on my time here, I find it hard to believe that everything I learned about book publishing fit into six weeks alone. We interns were each given the rare responsibility of developing a marketing plan for an upcoming book–which included reading a manuscript, drafting pitch letters, and even sending out advance materials to big magazines and newspapers. The book I chose for this project was Laura Cunningham’s A State of Change, which, as a southern Californian native, made me fall in love with California’s landscape over and over again.

And in fact I’m finding out what I value most about this summer is the realization that California–from the leafy green streets of the Berkeley Hills to the wide, welcoming seat of Mt. Tamalpais–is a place of beauty and creativity. This realization crept up on me often, while walking the poetry walk of Addison Street or reading Laura’s manuscript on my house’s rooftop one August afternoon (reading anywhere with a view of the bay is a breathtaking experience in itself, by the way).

Whenever I get that feeling, I’m startled and awed, and then I understand how a publishing house as unique as Heyday continues to exist: it simply has to. To capture, conserve, and celebrate this wonderful place is a responsibility that is not only reserved for Heyday but for everyone. I’m in. Are you?

Trisha (Marketing and Publicity Intern)