Another gopher sighting: Edges of Bounty


Our editorial director, Jeannine Gendar, pointed out that gophers have made many an appearance in our books. Here’s an unusual gopher reference in Edges of Bounty’s chapter on Central Valley roadside stands:

“In Thailand,” James said, “They let the gophers live in the land where they grow lots of medicine. The gophers eat all the medicine and become medicine themselves. When they are fat, the gophers are caught, killed, cleaned, and rubbed in herbs. They preserve them in whiskey and sell them. These are very expensive. My father got one several years ago. It is his prize possession. Whenever an old friend visits, my father gets out the bottle, cuts off a tiny sliver of the gopher, and gives it to his friend so that he will be healthy.”


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    Another gopher sighting edges.. Awful šŸ™‚

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    Another gopher sighting edges.. WTF? šŸ™‚

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    Another gopher sighting edges.. Slap-up šŸ™‚