“News From Native California” Leadership Issue

“You know how some men are quick and strong and know the things to do, how people like to do things for them, and how they have a gift for getting everyone cheerful? Well, those men were leaders.” — Patrick Miguel (Quechan) The Fall issue of News From Native California hits the newsstands this week […]

The Wheels on the Bus go…

I board the Parnassus # 6 bus, inbound, at the foot of my street. Looking west on Haight Street the number 6 is distinguished by the trolley poles, visible above the assortment of traffic moving east. The MUNI driver guides his vehicle to the curb. I step on and survey those seats reserved for seniors close to the front of the bus. I am seventy-four years of age, fit and agile, but I do respect the inevitable jostling of the bus; sudden starts and stops could send an old lady to the hospital and into many months of rehab with a broken hip if she foolishly didn’t insist on traveling seated. I insist!

Winner of the 2012 James D. Houston Award: Keenan Norris’s “Brother and the Dancer”

For the second winner of the James D. Houston Award, our annual prize named after the late, great Santa Cruz author and aimed at publishing emerging writers on the West, we have chosen Brother and the Dancer by Keenan Norris, a doctoral candidate in English at UC Riverside. A 2005 graduate of the Mills College MFA program […]

The Value of the Undramatic Gesture

Excerpted from Giving with Confidence:A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy by Colburn Wilbur with Fred Setterberg, now available in hardcover from Heyday.  From “Chapter 3: The Value of the Undramatic Gesture; Principle #3: Dare to be dull.”   A Strategy of Steadiness Nonprofit executives routinely manage a dozen restricted grants and government contracts. In effect, they’re saddled with the equivalent of […]

California’s Melting Beauties

Excerpted from California Glaciers, by photographer and naturalist Tim Palmer, released September 2012 by Heyday and Sierra College Press. For more information on education and outreach surrounding California’s glaciers and global warming, click here. In the spring of 2010 I set out for the glaciers of California. I wanted to see them before they were gone. […]

Mr. Felix

This is the first story in Mariah K. Young’s debut Masha’allah and Other Stories, to be published this November by Heyday. Young’s short story collection is the first winner of the James D. Houston Award, which honors emerging writers on the West. Thick February fog the day they put Mr. Felix to rest, but not so […]

Ken Light: Continuing the Documentary Tradition in the 21st Century

Over the last few years, Susie Katz, president and founder of PhotoWings, has been documenting the process behind Ken and Melanie Light’s Valley of Shadows and Dreams, their photographic and literary exploration of a region known for its agricultural plenty—and the marginalization of its people. Below is an excerpt from the first in a two part series from PhotoWings […]

Jeff Lustig (1943-2012)

Jeff Lustig died last month. I miss him greatly. He was a very close friend—we’d get together two or three times a month to push chess pieces around and talk and laugh. He was so witty, so sharp, so enraged by the greed, hypocrisy, and stupidity of the world, so delighted by acts of courage […]

Oakland Museum of California and Heyday Co-Present Historic Unveiling of Rare Ohlone Basket

Commissioned Native American basket is the first of its kind to be made in nearly 250 years Free community celebration on Saturday, July 28, from 1 to 3 pm, honors Native American traditions, commemorates 25th anniversary of News from Native California magazine, and welcomes Ohlone basket into OMCA’s collection (OAKLAND, CA) June 25, 2012—The Oakland Museum of California […]

Publisher’s Note: A new direction for Yosemite Conservancy

Visitors to Heyday often look at our books and proclaim, “These are your children.” I’ve got three kids and have never mistaken any one of them for a book, yet I know what they mean. Our books are often conceived with more passion than planning, they’re nurtured with emotion and commitment, and they are sent […]