Bon appetit

Mehdi Kashef is the owner of Au Coquelet Café/Restaurant. He is also the owner of a charming, two-story brown-shingle house at 1633 University Avenue that Heyday has called home for the past twenty months. He is a warm, generous man and a good friend.

I make it a habit to eat lunch at Au Coquelet on a regular basis. I’ve eaten there for years. It’s a comfortable place to hang out, eat lunch, and read the paper. Often, Mehdi will stop by to chat. Tuesday, he stopped by to tell me that the East Bay Express would be running a restaurant review in the next edition. Anneli Rufus captures the essence of the place beautifully. Read the review here.
It’s easy to take a place like Au Coquelet for granted. But, businesses that survive for thirty-five years are the ones that work hard every day and give you good value for your time and your money. Au Coquelet isn’t flashy. It doesn’t subscribe to the latest trends and styles, but it does give you good value on a consistent basis. What more could you want?
So, if you’re in the area and you’re looking for a quick bite or a cup of joe, stop by Au Coquelet and say hello to Mehdi. He’ll welcome you with a smile and make sure you leave happy and well fed.
David (Operations)