Essential Art: Native Basketry from the California Indian Heritage Center

A remarkably diverse textile tradition

Join Brian Bibby, a longtime scholar of Native California culture and history, as he walks us through the basketry collection of the California Indian Heritage Center. This selection from more than three thousand pieces explores a world of weavers and collectors, with samples of historical baskets for winnowing, sifting, cooking, and seed gathering; baskets as treasure chests; woven hats and a baby cradle; and granaries, gift baskets, ceremonial baskets, and art baskets, each a window into Indian life.

Supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts under its American Masterpieces program, and with the cooperation of the California Arts Council and California State Parks, Heyday is proud to present a book of beautiful photography, deep scholarship, and inspired storytelling, all working together to pay homage to one of the world’s great artistic traditions.

About the Author

For more than forty years, Brian Bibby has been involved with Native communities, families, and individuals, preserving and documenting their various cultural art forms, languages, and oral histories. He has taught at a number of institutions and conducted research at museums and archives across the nation. He has also served as a consultant and guest curator for many cultural and folk arts programs. His other books include The Fine Art of California Indian Basketry, Deeper Than Gold: A Guide to Indian Life in the Sierra Foothills, and Precious Cargo: California Indian Cradle Baskets and Childbirth Traditions.