Humphrey the Wayward Whale

The true adventures of Humphrey the Wayward whale

This best-selling children’s book tells the true tale and adventures of Humphrey, a humpback whale who wandered seventy miles into the San Francisco Bay in 1985.


“This book will bring a tear to the eyes of adults...who witnessed with building emotions the Great Turn-Around of Humphrey”

San Francisco Chronicle


“Original and compelling line drawings...the book as a whole has a pleasing effect.”

Oakland Tribune

About the Authors

Ernest CallenbachErnest Callenbach was a writer and editor known primarily for his environmental fiction and nonfiction. He founded and edited the internationally acclaimed Film Quarterly. He also concurrently edited University of California Press’s extensive list of film books as well as books in art and science, including the California Natural History Guides series. He occasionally taught film at the University of California, Berkeley, and at San Francisco State University. To find out more about Callenbach and his books, visit his website at
Christine Leefeldt is the author (with Ernest Callenbach) of The Art of Friendship. She teaches Humanities at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.