Our Dishonest President

A clarion call to resistance

Weeks before Donald J. Trump reached his first hundred days in office, the Los Angeles Times’s Editorial Board published the first of six consecutive denunciations calling him “Our Dishonest President.” The paper’s condemnation of Trump’s lies, his authoritarian temperament, his war on journalism, and his obsession with conspiracies was as bold as it was unprecedented, as was its call to Californians to oppose the brazen acts of a man patently unfit to preside over the republic. It prompted a tremendous response: within days, the series garnered seven million page views.

Just in time for Independence Day, Heyday is proud to present a paperback of the six editorials, brought up to date with an introduction by Davan Maharaj, the Times’s publisher and editor-in-chief, and by Nicholas Goldberg, the paper’s editor of the editorial pages. When read in sequence the arguments gain force and momentum, delivering a formidable and indispensable critique by one of America’s most important newspapers.


Our Dishonest President
Why Trump Lies
Trump’s Authoritarian Vision
Trump’s War on Journalism
Conspiracy Theorist in Chief
California Fights Back


“For those who are leery of Trump but reluctant to pull the fire alarm just yet, this bracing series provides an intelligent, relentless, and persuasive case for collective action.”—Tom Zoellner, Los Angeles Review of Books