The Raccoon Next Door: Getting Along with Urban Wildlife

Critters in your backyard

Raccoon Next Door is a guide to help us identify and get along with the neighborhood raccoon and all our other wild neighbors. Author Gary Bogue presents stories, anecdotes, and sound advice for coexisting with the common creatures you might encounter in your backyard. Chuck Todd’s illuminating illustrations bring the animals to life in vivid detail.

The species discussed in the book include everything from coyotes and mountain lions to tarantulas and earwigs, newts and salamanders, songbirds and butterflies. Learn how to be a good animal neighbor using down-to-earth, practical, and homey advice that will show you how to live in harmony with those wild and crazy skunks who like to party all night long!


“[Mr. Bogue is] the Ann Landers of California embedded reporter on the front lines of suburban wildlife, [he] helps readers navigate the state's increasingly tempestuous relationship between civilization and wilderness.”

New York Times


“This book is more than a beautifully illustrated field guide. Its down-to-earth approach—it even has a sure-fire recipe to de-skunk the family dog—is full of anecdotal wisdom and engaging urban wildlife lore. It also decidedly comes down on the side of the critters.”

San Francisco Chronicle



2004 Skipping Stones Honor Award

Chuck ToddIllustrator and visual journalist Chuck Todd is the presentation editor at the Contra Costa Times. An award-winning newspaper illustrator, his artwork has been exhibited at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in addition to other venues across the west coast. A portfolio of Chuck's work can be seen at
Gary BogueGary Bogue was curator of the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, California, from 1967 to 1979. For thirty-two years he has written a popular daily column on pets, wildlife, and environmental issues for the Contra Costa Times. He lives in Benicia, California, with his wife, two cats, a parrot, and a cockatoo.