The Trees of Golden Gate Park and San Francisco

170 different trees found in the park and throughout San Francisco

The Trees of Golden Gate Park is based on the writings of botanist Elizabeth McClintock, whose column on the trees of Golden Gate Park was a feature of Pacific Horticulture magazine for twenty-five years; it presents the reader with the stories of 170 different trees found in the park and throughout the city. Detailed maps and elegant line drawings of leaves, flowers, and fruit make it a useful field guide; extensive descriptions of the biology, lineage, and horticultural history of the trees make it essential armchair reading for everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of San Francisco and the unique urban treasure known as Golden Gate Park.

Published in Conjunction with the Pacific Horticultural Foundation

About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth McClintock's botanical career has spanned more than fifty years. Specializing in the classification, naming, and geographical distribution of plants, she is considered an expert in the field. She continues to work as a research associate in the Jepson Herbarium at the University of California, Berkeley.