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BOOK DRIVE for Fred Korematsu Speaks Up

Welcome to our Fred Korematsu Speaks Up book drive for libraries! Please view our list of nominated libraries to find a library near your home or on the other side of the world. Then, purchase a copy of Fred Korematsu Speaks Up, and we will send that copy to the library of your choice! Questions about how to purchase […]

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Changing Season: A Father, A Daughter, A Family Farm

How do you become a farmer? The real questions are: What kind of person do you want to be? Are you willing to change? How do you learn? What is your vision for the future? In this poignant collection of essays, Epitaph for a Peach author David Mas Masumoto gets ready to hand his eighty-acre […]

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Children of Manzanar

Eleven tumultuous weeks after Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, an act that authorized the U.S. Army to undertake the rapid removal of more than one hundred thousand Japanese and Japanese Americans from the West Coast. With only a few weeks (and sometimes only a few days) notice, families were forced to abandon their homes and, […]

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East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres

From cuisine and martial arts to sex and self-esteem, East Eats West shines new light on the bridges and crossroads where two hemispheres meld into one worldwide “immigrant nation.” In this new nation, with its amalgamation of divergent ideas, tastes, and styles, today’s bold fusion becomes tomorrow’s classic. But while the space between East and […]

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Forbidden City, USA: Chinese American Nightclubs, 1936–1970

Forbidden City, USA captures the magic and glamour of the Chinese American nightclub scene, which peaked in San Francisco during World War II. In the 1930s and ’40s, audiences flocked to nightclubs to escape the problems of the day with a cocktail and a show. Filmmaker Arthur Dong spent twenty-five years interviewing the entertainers from this […]

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Fred Korematsu Speaks Up

An ACL Outstanding Title. Fred Korematsu liked listening to music on the radio, playing tennis, and hanging around with his friends—just like lots of other Americans. But everything changed when the United States went to war with Japan in 1941 and the government forced all people of Japanese ancestry to leave their homes on the […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 978-159714-368-4
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Heirlooms: Letters from a Peach Farmer

As suburbs swallow more and more rich farmland and reforms change the farming industry, the voices of farmers have never been more important. In his latest collection of essays, David Mas Masumoto reminds us that food remains the cornerstone of our society, even in the twenty-first century. Pervading his essays is a rooted, proud sense […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-59714-064-5
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How Do I Begin?: A Hmong American Literary Anthology

Hmong history and culture can be found in the form of oral stories, oral poetry, textile art, and music but there is no written account of Hmong life, by a Hmong hand, passed down through the centuries. As an undergraduate, Burlee Vang experienced this void when he received valuable advice from his English professor: “Write […]

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Journey to Topaz

Based on Yoshiko Uchida’s personal experiences, this is the moving story of one girl’s struggle to remain brave during the Japanese internment of World War II. In a bleak and dusty prison camp, eleven-year-old Yuki and her family experience both true friendship and heart-wrenching tragedy. Journey to Topaz explores the consequences of prejudice and the […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-890771-91-1
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Making Home from War: Stories of Japanese American Exile and Resettlement

Many books have chronicled the experience of Japanese Americans in the early days of World War II, when over 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of whom were American citizens, were taken from their homes along the West Coast and imprisoned in concentration camps. When they were finally allowed to leave, a new challenge faced […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-142-0
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Manzanar to Mount Whitney: The Life and Times of a Lost Hiker

In 1942, fourteen-year-old Hank Umemoto gazed out a barrack window at Manzanar Internment Camp, saw the silhouette of Mount Whitney against an indigo sky, and vowed that one day he would climb to the top. Fifty-seven years and a lifetime of stories later, at the age of seventy-one, he reached the summit. Part memoir and […]

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Only What We Could Carry: The Japanese American Internment Experience

In the wake of wartime panic that followed the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor, more than 100,000 Japanese Americans residing along the West Coast of the United States were uprooted from their homes and their communities and banished to internment camps throughout the country. Through personal documents, art, and propaganda, Only What We Could Carry […]

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The Oracles: My Filipino Grandparents in America

As a young girl growing up in California, Pati Navalta Poblete is dismayed to find her American way of life interrupted when her four grandparents arrive from the Philippines. Turning her adolescence upside down, they inspire her to name them “the Oracles” for the unfamiliar—and often unsolicited—wisdom they bring. Poblete tells her story of generational […]

Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora

In his long-overdue first collection of essays, noted journalist and NPR commentator Andrew Lam explores his lifelong struggle for identity as a Viet Kieu, or a Vietnamese national living abroad. At age eleven, Lam, the son of a South Vietnamese general, came to California on the eve of the fall of Saigon to communist forces. […]

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Soul Calling: A Photographic Journey through the Hmong Diaspora

Final sale! Was $30.00, now $7.50. The result of five years of courageous and heartfelt commitment, Soul Calling opens our eyes to the beauty, resilience and daily lives of the Hmong people, so recently displaced from their traditional homeland by the traumas of the Vietnam War. From the rice harvests and funerals of remote Hmong […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-59714-168-0
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Topaz Moon: Chiura Obata’s Art of the Internment

Chiura Obata was one of more than 100,000 Japanese Americans forcefully relocated from their homes, work, and communities to the stark barracks of desert internment camps during World War II. As an artist faithfully recording the world around him, Obata’s work from this period gives us a view into the camps that is at once […]

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