California Indian

Adopted by Indians: A True Story

The children’s version of our best-selling title Indian Summer, this book gives younger readers a close-up view of traditional California Indian life and early California. Thomas Jefferson Mayfield kept a wonderful secret for almost sixty years; the secret of his childhood among the Choinumne Indians of California’s San Joaquin Valley. For twelve years he played […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-93-9
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Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir

Winner of the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Award, Gold Medal for Autobiography/Memoir Shortlisted for the 2014 William Saroyan International Prize for Writing “If we allow the pieces of our culture to lie scattered in the dust of history, trampled on by racism and grief, then yes, we are irreparably damaged. But if we pick up […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-201-4
Price: $19.00

Bringing Our Languages Home: Language Revitalization for Families

Throughout the world individuals in the intimacy of their homes innovate, improvise, and struggle daily to pass on endangered languages to their children. Elaina Albers of Northern California holds a tape recorder up to her womb so her baby can hear old songs in Karuk. The Baldwin family of Montana put labels all over their […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-200-7
Price: $20.00

Chief Marin: Leader, Rebel, and Legend

It’s a little known fact that the San Francisco Bay Area’s Marin County is named after a Coast Miwok chief who achieved notoriety for defying Spanish authority over his people. Anthropologist and archaeologist Betty Goerke has pieced together a portrait of the life of this Native American leader, using mission records, ethnographies, explorers’ and missionaries’ […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-053-9
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Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge Among the Chumash People of Southern California

The Chumash people have lived in coastal California from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara for thousands of years. Their homeland is an area of uncommon biological richness and diversity, featuring over 1,500 species of plants. Their traditional foods, medicine, raw materials for making clothing, all kinds of tools and utensils, religious paraphernalia, and other […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-048-5
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Cooking the Native Way: Chia Café Collective

This cookbook invites you to experience the Native American cultures of Southern California through their foods. Full-color photos and detailed recipes showcase the diversity, health, and flavor of modern cuisine made from Southern California native plants in combination with other foods. The results are mouthwatering: mesquite-rubbed quail marinated in prickly pear juice, “superfood” cookies featuring […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597144186
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Coyote at the Big Time: A California Indian 123 PREORDER

The follow-up to Heyday’s best-selling A Is for Acorn takes young readers to a Native California Big Time, with Coyote as their guide. Counting from one clapperstick up to ten stars twinkling above the gathering, Coyote explores indigenous cultural traditions, including songs, dances, hand games, art—and, of course, delicious food. Lyn Risling’s beautiful illustrations depict […]

Board book, ISBN: 978-1-59714-430-8
Price: $9.99

Dear Miss Karana

Finalist, 2016 Foreword INDIES While reading Island of the Blue Dolphins at school and learning about the real woman stranded on San Nicolás Island, ten-year-old Tíshmal begins writing emails to “Miss Karana” in hopes of talking to her spirit. When she arrived on the mainland of Southern California, Miss Karana spoke a language that no […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-323-3
Price: $9.99

Deeper Than Gold: A Guide to Indian Life in the Sierra Foothills

Brian Bibby brings together the present and the past—both ancient and recent—in a fascinating compilation of anecdote, myth, recollection, and reflection. Five years in the making and the result of almost thirty years of dedicated work among California’s native communities, Deeper Than Gold is a tribute to the people who know Gold Country best. Witness […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-96-0
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In this book of photographs and essays, noted visual artist Lewis deSoto explores his birthplace and ancestral Cahuilla homeland, the “marvelous and abject” landscape of Southern California’s Inland Empire. Sixty intimate photos capture the paradoxes of the region’s deserts, lushly manicured lawns, freeways, and inland sea. Punctuating these single-frame images are panoramas of landscapes that […]

Paperback, with flaps, ISBN: 978-1-59714-334-9
Price: $30.00

Enough for All: Foods of My Dry Creek Pomo and Bodega Miwuk People

Celebrating Native California food gathering and preparation across the seasons, Kathleen Rose Smith reveals the practices handed down through generations of her Bodega Miwuk and Pomo ancestors, and shares how these traditions have evolved into the contemporary ways her family still enjoys wild foods. Her knowledge and personal reflections are expressed through recipes, stories, and […]

Paperback, with flaps, ISBN: 978-1-59714-242-7
Price: $15.00

Essential Art: Native Basketry from the California Indian Heritage Center

Join Brian Bibby, a longtime scholar of Native California culture and history, as he walks us through the basketry collection of the California Indian Heritage Center. This selection from more than three thousand pieces explores a world of weavers and collectors, with samples of historical baskets for winnowing, sifting, cooking, and seed gathering; baskets as […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-169-7
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The Fine Art of California Indian Basketry

Final sale! Was $24.95, now $6.24. After a search through private collections and public museums throughout the country, over sixty stunning examples of California Indian basketry were assembled for this book—some almost two hundred years old, some made within the last few decades. Commenting upon each basket are native basket weavers, California Indian artists in […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-249-6
Price: $6.24

First Families: A Photographic History of California Indians

When L. Frank and Marina Drummer went on the road in 2002, they set out to visit as many people from different California tribes as possible. Crisscrossing the state, they taped hundreds of hours of interviews and collected copies of nearly fifteen hundred family photos. The documentary project, funded by the California State Library and […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-013-3
Price: $27.50

Flutes of Fire: Essays on California Indian Languages

Before outsiders arrived, about 100 distinct Indian languages were spoken in California, many of them alive today. Each of these languages represents a unique way of understanding the world and expressing that understanding. Flutes of Fire examines many different aspects of Indian languages: languages, such as Yana, in which men and women have markedly different […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-62-5
Price: $18.00

Grave Matters: Excavating California’s Buried Past

Whether by curious Boy Scouts and “backyard archaeologists” or competitive collectors and knowledge-hungry anthropologists, the excavation of native remains is a time-honored practice fraught with injustice and simmering resentments. Grave Matters is the history of the treatment of native remains in California and the story of the complicated relationship between researcher and researched. Tony Platt […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-162-8
Price: $20.00

How a Mountain Was Made: Stories

In the tradition of Calvino’s Italian Folktales, Greg Sarris, author of the award-winning novel Grand Avenue, turns his attention to his ancestral homeland of Sonoma Mountain in Northern California. In sixteen interconnected original stories, the twin crows Question Woman and Answer Woman take us through a world unlike yet oddly reminiscent of our own: one […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-59714-414-8 Temporarily Out of Stock

How to Keep Your Language Alive: A Commonsense Approach to One-on-One Language Learning

Amid worldwide accounts of dying languages, author Leanne Hinton and a group of dedicated language activists are doing something about it: they have created a master-apprentice language program, a one-on-one approach that has been remarkably successful in ensuring new speakers will take the place of those, often elderly, who are fluent in an endangered language. […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-890771-42-3
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Indian Cradles of California and the Western Great Basin

This book presents a thorough survey of cradles, cradleboards, and cradle baskets from thirty-one tribes across California. Farmer visited public and private museums, private collections, and auction houses to document the characteristics of these sturdy and lovingly constructed baby baskets from cultures as diverse as the Klamath River, the eastern Sierra Nevada, and Baja. Full-color […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-9761492-3-1
Price: $29.95

Indian Summer: Traditional Life among the Choinumne Indians of California’s San Joaquin Valley

With accuracy, zest, and insight, Indian Summer portrays the nearly lost and unspeakably beautiful world of the Choinumne Yokuts and the valley in which they lived.

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-035-5
Price: $13.95

A Is for Acorn: A California Indian ABC

This alphabet board book welcomes youngsters of all cultures into the abundant world of Native California. Beautiful illustrations of animals, plants, and cultural objects show off the spectacular diversity of California’s indigenous cultures and environments. Sturdy enough to withstand any toddler’s grasp, A Is for Acorn is a playful, loving introduction to California’s oldest and […]

Board book, ISBN: 978-1-59714-316-5
Price: $9.99

It Will Live Forever: Traditional Yosemite Indian Acorn Preparation

For centuries, the Yosemite Indians have been gathering acorns, drying and storing them, and pounding, winnowing, sifting, leaching, and cooking them in a highly evolved, elegant, and skillful process. It Will Live Forever looks at Julia Parker, a Kashaya Pomo woman who married into the Yosemite Miwok tribe and is still practicing this traditional art […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-45-8 Temporarily Out of Stock

Lela Rhoades, Pit River Woman

Final sale! Was $18.95, now $4.74. In the 1970s Lela Rhoades told Molly Curtis the story of her life among her Achumawi Pit River people during the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century in Northern California. In a voice so sharp, so funny, warm, and honest that the stories of her life and the […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-205-2
Price: $4.74

Life Amongst the Modocs: Unwritten History

Although Joaquin Miller is widely viewed as one of the “founding fathers” of the literature of the west, this new edition of his classic work proves him to be a writer of considerable power and appeal, with something fresh and vital to say to the readers of today. First printed in 1873, Life Amongst the […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-79-3
Price: $18.95

Life in a California Mission: Monterey in 1786

On the afternoon of September 14, 1786, two French ships appeared off the coast of Monterey, the first foreign vessels to visit Spain’s California colonies. Aboard was a party of eminent scientists, navigators, cartographers, illustrators, and physicians. For the next ten days the commander of this expedition, Jean Francois de La Pérouse, took detailed notes […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-39-7
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Many Worlds: Native Life along the Anza Trail

Final sale! Was $7.95, now $1.99. In 1775, Spain sent the Anza expedition to explore and settle California, its “new” territory. But California was not new to the hundreds of thousands of native people who had lived here for millennia. Many Worlds provides young people with an engaging and informative window into the California Indian […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-167-3
Price: $1.99

The Morning the Sun Went Down

Through this lyrical and richly textured memoir we experience both the beauty and the struggles of Darryl Babe Wilson’s journey through childhood. Born into the Achumawi and Atsugewi tribes (often called the Pit River Nation) of northeastern California, Wilson spent his early years with his family in a life rich in tradition, until tragic events […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-362-2
Price: $15.00

The Ohlone Way: Indian Life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area

Two hundred years ago, herds of elk and antelope dotted the hills of the San Francisco–Monterey Bay area. Grizzly bears lumbered down to the creeks to fish for silver salmon and steelhead trout. From vast marshlands geese, ducks, and other birds rose in thick clouds “with a sound like that of a hurricane.” This land […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-01-4
Price: $18.00

Panamint Shoshone Basketry: An American Art Form

The Panamint, or the Koso, numbered only two or three hundred and lived in California’s Death Valley through the early history of the state. Panamint Shoshone Basketry is the product of years of Slater’s research on an art largely ignored in the fields of art history and cultural studies. Before the creation of this book, […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-890771-89-8
Price: $25.00

Releasing the Days

Final sale! Was $12.95, now $3.24. Releasing the Days is the first collection of poetry drawn from over thirty years of Stephen Meadows’s work. Crafted from his sense of place and grounded in ocean, orchard, and rock, his poems strip down life to its bare essentials. Memory joins hands with the reeds and the smell of […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-165-9
Price: $3.24

Remember Your Relations: The Elsie Allen Baskets, Family & Friends

The Pomo Indians of Northern California are widely considered to be among the world’s most skilled weavers, and no finer collection of their baskets exists than that created by Elsie Allen and her mother, Annie Burke. Basketweavers themselves, these women broke with the Pomo tradition that had the baskets buried or destroyed after their owners […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-930588-80-9
Price: $20.00

Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain

Over forty years and across a variety of media, artist Rick Bartow has created a powerful body of work. His representations of humans, animals, hybrid creatures, and shadowy figures display such exquisite beauty or grotesque absurdity—sometimes both at once—that a viewer cannot help being pulled into the artist’s world. The experience can be whimsical and […]

Paperback, with flaps, ISBN: 978-0-9903533-3-1
Price: $35.00

She Sang Me a Good Luck Song: The California Indian Photographs of Dugan Aguilar

Dugan Aguilar (Mountain Maidu/Pit River/Walker River Paiute), a man of few words, speaks his heart through his photography. With nature’s light and a camera, he creates images of indigenous California people, photographs that embody the depth of their subjects’ beauty, strength, and humor. His portraits of people, places, and ceremonies combine the intimacy of family […]

Paperback, with flaps, ISBN: 978-1-59714-300-4
Price: $35.00

SNAG Anthology: A Decade of Indigenous Media, 2003–2013

This full-color compendium of Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG) Magazine amasses a decade of indigenous media created by Native youth from throughout the Americas, and was produced with help from San Francisco youth during weekly publishing workshops. In essays, art, photos, and poetry, over 350 contributors tackle a range of topics as difficult as poverty […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-0692455326
Price: $40.00

Southern California Luiseño Baskets: A Study of Seventy-Six Luiseño Baskets in the Riverside Municipal Museum Collection

Seventy-six baskets show off the skill and sophistication of Southern Luiseño and Soboba basket weavers and beauty of their art. Farmer comments upon each basket’s material composition; its pattern motif, whether subtle or stunningly intricate; and its probable use, such as for cooking, winnowing chaff from seeds, or playing dice games. A thorough introduction to […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 978-0-97614-921-7
Price: $25.00

Spring Salmon, Hurry to Me!: The Seasons of Native California

Final sale! Was $16.95, now $4.24. Spring Salmon, Hurry to Me! offers a literary calendar at once ancient and yet in some ways more relevant than the markers of time we are accustomed to. Combining old-time stories and sacred myths with contemporary poems and short stories, this collection articulates the cyclical changes in the natural world […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-079-9
Price: $4.24

Straight with the Medicine: Narratives of Washoe Followers of the Tipi Way

Final sale! Was $12.95, now $3.24. Twenty years after its initial publication, Heyday is proud to re-release Straight with the Medicine with eleven new chapters that add more depth to the original. The narratives here were collected in the 1950s from seven members of the Washoe Tribe living on the eastern slopes of the Sierra […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-029-4
Price: $3.24

Walking in Beauty: Growing Up with the Yurok Indians

When Harry Roberts was a boy in the 1910s, he spent his summers at the mouth of the Klamath River, where his Irish American family was friends with the Yurok spiritual leader and cultural expert Robert Spott. As a child Harry played with the children of the Spott household, and when he entered adolescence he […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-09664165-4-1
Price: $13.00

The Way We Lived: California Indian Stories, Songs, and Reminiscences

Here, in their own words, indigenous voices reclaim the narrative of California Indians. Before contact, California’s Native people comprised five hundred independent tribal groups whose cultural and linguistic multiplicity expressed a sense of incalculable human richness. Reflecting that diversity, this collection of personal histories, songs, chants, and stories draws together a range of experiences from […]

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-59714-393-6
Price: $18.00