Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants: A Diagnostic Guide

This manual contains a wealth of information to help readers diagnose disorders in landscape plants caused by environmental, physiological, or other nonbiological factors. You’ll learn how to diagnose injury symptoms from over 20 abiotic agents including water deficit, nutrient deficiencies, salinity, pH, sunburn, air pollution, herbicide and other chemical phytotoxicities, mechanical injuries, lightning, wind, and […]

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California Bees and Blooms: A Guide for Gardeners and Naturalists

California is home to over sixteen hundred species of undomesticated bees—most of them native—that populate and pollinate our gardens, fields, and urban green spaces. In this absorbing guidebook, some of the state’s preeminent bee and botany experts introduce us to this diverse population. California Bees and Blooms holds a magnifying glass up to the twenty-two most common genera (and six species […]

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California Master Gardener Handbook (Second Edition)

Since 2002, the California Master Gardener Handbook has been the definitive source for practical advice for gardeners throughout the West. Now the much-anticipated second edition is here—completely redesigned, with updated tables, graphics, color photos throughout, and reorganization of information for better ease of use. Chapters cover soil, fertilizer, and water management, plant propagation, plant physiology; weeds and pests; home vegetable gardening; […]

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Common Bees in California Gardens

A colorful companion to the Heyday title California Bees and Blooms, this pocket-sized card set will help you identify 24 of the most common bees found in California’s urban gardens and landscapes. Included for each featured bee are color photographs, a general description of appearance, and information about distribution and richness, flight season, nesting habits, […]

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Healthy Roses: Environmentally Friendly Ways to Manage Pests and Disorders in Your Garden and Landscape (Second Edition)

This best-selling guide has been revised to include an expanded section on establishment, irrigation, pruning, and soil and nutritional requirements. Also new is a discussion of the mossy rose gall and an expanded reference section. Healthy Roses adapts Integrated Pest Management practices to the home garden—methods of controlling pests and diseases using beneficial insects, traps […]

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Landscape Pest Identification Cards

These pocket-sized laminated cards can be easily carried with you for handy references to insect and mite pests as well as important diseases in landscape plants. These 43 cards cover 19 common insects and mites, 7 diseases, 4 natural enemies, and a variety of other disorders and invertebrate pests. Published by University of California’s Division […]

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Natural Enemies Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Biological Pest Control

The Natural Enemies Handbook has endured as the most comprehensive guide to biological control agents ever made available to practitioners. This practical guide helps you identify and understand the biology of predators, parasites, pathogens, competitors, and antagonists that help control specific insect, pathogen, nematode, or weed pests. Published by University of California’s Division of Agricultural […]

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Organic Strawberry Production Manual

Strawberries are among the most important fruit crops in California, and organic production is on the rise. This useful manual, complete with detailed information on production, disease and pest management, post-harvest handling, marketing, and the organic certification process, will help you feel ready to take on the challenges of organic growing. With input from more than 20 University of […]

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Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs: An Integrated Pest Management Guide (Third Edition)

With this manual you will be able to diagnose and manage hundreds of insect, mite, weed, plant disease, and nematode pests. You’ll find information on using environmentally safe IPM methods, landscape designs that prevent pests, selecting resistant varieties, choosing and using less-toxic pesticides, planting, irrigating, and other plant-care activities that help in avoiding problems. Contains […]

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Pests of the Garden and Small Farm (3rd Edition)

This classic handbook adapts scientifically based integrated pest management techniques to the needs of the home gardener and small-scale farmer. 95 common pests are described, covering insects, mites, plant diseases, nematodes, and weeds of fruit and nut trees and vegetables using the IPM approach of making minimal use of broad-spectrum pesticides; the methods recommended here […]

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Specialty and Minor Crops Handbook

Handy for commercial producers as well as backyard gardeners, this classic guide for growers and sellers of niche market produce provides detailed information about growing specialty crops that are growing in popularity among consumers. Includes 63 crop sheets—from arugula to radicchio, basil to thyme, prickly pear to tomatillos, variety and heirloom tomatoes. Includes market information, resources, and a glossary […]

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Tree Fruit Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards

Carry these handy, pocket-sized laminated cards in the field as handy references for identifying and monitoring major insect and mite pests and several important diseases in California deciduous tree fruits and nuts. A description and close-up photographs of important life stages identify each pest. Cards identifying important natural enemies are also included. The information on these cards will help […]

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Where on Earth: A Guide to Specialty Nurseries and Gardens in California

Ever since its initial publication in 1993, this guide to California’s specialty plant nurseries has been an invaluable tool for gardeners and landscapers, and it is now available in an expanded and completely revised edition. Organized by geographic region, each listing provides essential information, including address, contact information, hours, plant offerings, and a detailed description […]

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Wild Suburbia: Learning to Garden with Native Plants

Wild Suburbia guides us through the process of transforming a traditional, high water-use yard into a peaceful habitat garden abounding with native plants. Author Barbara Eisenstein emphasizes that gardening is a rewarding activity rather than a finished product, from removing lawns and getting in touch with a yard’s climate to choosing plants and helping them thrive. Supplementing her advice with personal […]

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