Guides and Reference

Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants: A Diagnostic Guide

This manual contains a wealth of information to help readers diagnose disorders in landscape plants caused by environmental, physiological, or other nonbiological factors. You’ll learn how to diagnose injury symptoms from over 20 abiotic agents including water deficit, nutrient deficiencies, salinity, pH, sunburn, air pollution, herbicide and other chemical phytotoxicities, mechanical injuries, lightning, wind, and […]

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Agritourism and Nature Tourism in California

From bed and breakfasts to U-pick orchards, cooking classes to wine and olive oil tastings, the ever-popular corn maze to school trips, the agritourism arena has emerged as a viable financial option for many farms and ranches. Inside you’ll find easy-to-use worksheets and activities that will walk you through the steps needed to determine if agritourism is for you. […]

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The Bay Area Forager: Your Guide to Edible Wild Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area

Reading this guidebook is like taking a wild foods walk with foraging experts Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein: it gives practical advice for gathering edible wild plants in the Bay Area in a voice that is friendly and suffused with rich personal knowledge. The authors provide thorough descriptions of where to find each of the […]

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Birds of Berkeley

This charming, full-color field guide to 25 birds easily found in Berkeley proves that even the city’s avian residents are a little quirky. Meticulously detailed illustrations capture each bird’s distinctive physicality and temperament. A Burrowing Owl faces you in a full-on head shot, perhaps having just raised its raspy, chattering alarm call as you trespass […]

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Birds of Napa County

Final sale! Was $13.00, now $3.25. From grebes, herons, loons, and ducks to creepers, owls, flycatchers, and sparrows, there is a liveliness to renowned illustrator Hermann Heinzel’s Napa. Its playfulness, sophistication, and emotion add depth to our understanding of this place that two million people visit each year. It is more than just a convenient bird […]

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Bringing Our Languages Home: Language Revitalization for Families

Throughout the world individuals in the intimacy of their homes innovate, improvise, and struggle daily to pass on endangered languages to their children. Elaina Albers of Northern California holds a tape recorder up to her womb so her baby can hear old songs in Karuk. The Baldwin family of Montana put labels all over their […]

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California Bees and Blooms: A Guide for Gardeners and Naturalists

California is home to over sixteen hundred species of undomesticated bees—most of them native—that populate and pollinate our gardens, fields, and urban green spaces. In this absorbing guidebook, some of the state’s preeminent bee and botany experts introduce us to this diverse population. California Bees and Blooms holds a magnifying glass up to the twenty-two most common genera (and six species […]

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The California Field Atlas

#1 San Francisco Chronicle Best Seller Winner, 2018 California Book Award Gold Medal (Notable Contribution to Publishing) Winner, 2018 NCIBA Book of the Year Award (Regional Interest) Finalist, 2018 Northern California Book Awards This lavishly illustrated atlas takes readers off the beaten path and outside normal conceptions of California, revealing its myriad ecologies, topographies, and histories in exquisite […]

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California Master Gardener Handbook (Second Edition)

Since 2002, the California Master Gardener Handbook has been the definitive source for practical advice for gardeners throughout the West. Now the much-anticipated second edition is here—completely redesigned, with updated tables, graphics, color photos throughout, and reorganization of information for better ease of use. Chapters cover soil, fertilizer, and water management, plant propagation, plant physiology; weeds and pests; home vegetable gardening; […]

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California Plants: A Guide to Our Iconic Flora

California Plants is an essential resource for outdoor enthusiasts. With his vibrant photographs and lively writing, Matt Ritter takes the reader on a journey through the Golden State’s iconic landscapes and abundant plant life. This definitive guide features more than 500 species, along with detailed descriptions, fascinating natural history stories, and handy tree and wildflower […]

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California’s Fall Color: A Photographer’s Guide to Autumn in the Sierra

No need to hop on a plane to the East Coast! California has beautiful fall foliage, especially in the Sierra Nevada, which glows red and golden every year with aspens, cottonwoods, dogwoods, maples, and oaks. This compact, lively guide shows visitors where and how to capture the best images of turning leaves in the eastern […]

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A Californian’s Guide to the Birds among Us

As its sister title, A Californian’s Guide to the Trees among Us, did for arboreal varieties, this new guidebook introduces casual birders to 120 of California’s most easily seen bird species—native and exotic alike—as found in a mix of urban, suburban, and traditionally natural habitats. Full-color images and clear, direct descriptions make identification easy, and […]

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A Californian’s Guide to the Trees among Us

We bring the strength and beauty of the natural world into our urban landscapes by planting trees, and California is blessed with a rich horticultural history, visible in an abundance of cultivated trees that enrich our lives with extraordinary color, bizarre shapes, unusual textures, and unexpected aromas. A Californian’s Guide to the Trees among Us […]

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A Californian’s Guide to the Mammals among Us PREORDER

At its current tally of 212 species, California’s mammal list is the largest of all the United States’. This new guidebook joins its sister titles A Californian’s Guide to the Birds among Us and A Californian’s Guide to the Trees among Us in introducing naturalists of all levels to over forty varieties of the Golden State’s […]

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Cityscapes 2: Reading the Architecture of San Francisco

Part pocket guide, part history, and part architectural primer, the companion piece to urban design critic John King’s Cityscapes: San Francisco and Its Buildings contains all of the wit and wonder of the first installment. In epigrammatic prose and with detailed full-color photographs, King highlights fifty structures that tell the story of San Francisco through architecture. […]

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Cityscapes: San Francisco and Its Buildings

Buildings in cities are remarkable things: they provide not only shelter but touchstones of reference and recall, a language that shapes our sense of place as well as the skyline. In sparkling prose and with full-color photography, Cityscapes looks at fifty buildings that convey a distinct slice of San Francisco. These are the buildings that […]

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A Coast to Explore: Coastal Geology and Ecology of Central California

From wave-cut rock cliffs and sea caves to gravel beaches and coastal dunes, California’s coastline provides visitors with unparalleled topographical variety and great intellectual challenge. What forces shaped such an extraordinary landscape? Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel have been mapping the coast of California since the 1980s as part of a larger initiative to […]

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Common Bees in California Gardens

A colorful companion to the Heyday title California Bees and Blooms, this pocket-sized card set will help you identify 24 of the most common bees found in California’s urban gardens and landscapes. Included for each featured bee are color photographs, a general description of appearance, and information about distribution and richness, flight season, nesting habits, […]

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Cooking the Native Way: Chia Café Collective

This cookbook invites you to experience the Native American cultures of Southern California through their foods. Full-color photos and detailed recipes showcase the diversity, health, and flavor of modern cuisine made from Southern California native plants in combination with other foods. The results are mouthwatering: mesquite-rubbed quail marinated in prickly pear juice, “superfood” cookies featuring […]

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Farmstead and Artisan Cheeses: A Guide to Building a Business

Navigating the start-up of any business is hard work, but cheesemaking has its own special challenges. While many other publications address cheesemaking itself, this new manual will walk the beginning cheesemaker through the steps necessary to decide if cheesemaking as a business is for them. Chapters cover evaluating resources, building a business plan, plant layout and design, designing a […]

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The Flavors of Home: A Guide to the Wild Edible Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area

A new edition of a much-loved foraging classic, The Flavors of Home introduces readers to the San Francisco Bay Area’s abundance of edible wild plants and mushrooms. Margit Roos-Collins’s lively, graceful instructions for identifying and enjoying 128 blossoms, berries, nuts, greens, mushrooms, and seaweeds inspires a deep sense of intimacy and affection for our surroundings. […]

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Flora of the Santa Ana River and Environs: With References to World Botany, New Edition

The Santa Ana River is the largest watercourse in the heavily populated coastal plain of southern California. Despite the encroachment of urban development, the river and its environs are home to nearly 1,400 plant species. In this seminal guide to the flora of the Santa Ana River, Oscar F. Clarke and his team have compiled […]

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Fylling’s Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools

This scientifically accurate yet utterly charming field guide to the Pacific coast intertidal zone introduces readers to a world populated by spectacular wildlife: 150-year-old giant green anemones that paralyze their prey with their petal-like tentacles; sunflower sea stars that traverse the tide pool floor on twenty-four limbs; orange-tipped, opalescent sea slugs that dabble in cannibalism; and much, much more. Small enough […]

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Giving with Confidence: A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy

There are thousands of books that tell you how to get money, but few that cover something just as challenging: how to give money away. Giving with Confidence provides thoughtful guidance culled from decades of experience in the philanthropy world. Whether you are an individual who donates to your favorite charity or the head of […]

Grassroots Philanthropy: Field Notes of a Maverick Grantmaker

Final sale! Was $15.00, now $3.75. Set aside the mountains of paper that characterize conventional philanthropy and focus instead on forging enduring partnerships with outstanding individuals. Dare to change the world in imaginative ways that prove deeply satisfying, exciting, and (dare we say it?) fun. Based on four decades of experience as a foundation executive, […]

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Healthy Roses: Environmentally Friendly Ways to Manage Pests and Disorders in Your Garden and Landscape (Second Edition)

This best-selling guide has been revised to include an expanded section on establishment, irrigation, pruning, and soil and nutritional requirements. Also new is a discussion of the mossy rose gall and an expanded reference section. Healthy Roses adapts Integrated Pest Management practices to the home garden—methods of controlling pests and diseases using beneficial insects, traps […]

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The Home Orchard: Growing Your Own Deciduous Fruit and Nut Trees

Developed especially for backyard orchardists, rare fruit growers, and small-scale growers, The Home Orchard offers an in-depth look at how trees grow; which species grow best in different regions and soils; varieties from which to select; preparing the soil, planting, watering, and fertilizing; pruning and grafting; thinning fruit; diagnosing problems and controlling pests; and harvesting. Several practices, such as key […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781879906723 Temporarily Out of Stock

Insects of the Los Angeles Basin (Third Edition)

Updated for the first time in over twenty years, the third edition of Insects of the Los Angeles Basin is a beautifully produced and richly illustrated field guide to more than 450 common or conspicuous insects, spiders, millipedes, and other arthropods that inhabit the region. Each species account describes the size and physical characteristics of […]

Paperback, with flaps, ISBN: 9780938644446 Temporarily Out of Stock

Landscape Pest Identification Cards

These pocket-sized laminated cards can be easily carried with you for handy references to insect and mite pests as well as important diseases in landscape plants. These 43 cards cover 19 common insects and mites, 7 diseases, 4 natural enemies, and a variety of other disorders and invertebrate pests. Published by University of California’s Division […]

Laminated cards, ISBN: 9781601076137 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada

In this groundbreaking and meticulously field-tested guide, the rich variety of Sierra life—trees, wildflowers, ferns, fungi, lichens, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, and insects—comes alive. “If you have room for only one Sierra Nevada guidebook in your pack, make it this little gem….Dense with illustration, it’s the perfect all-ages introduction to field guides. Well-researched natural history notes pull the reader more deeply into the story of these iconic mountains.”—Sierra Magazine

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597140522 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

The ultimate guide to nature drawing and journaling! A potent combination of art, science, and boundless enthusiasm, the latest art instruction book from John Muir Laws (The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds) is a how-to guide for becoming a better artist and a more attentive naturalist. In straightforward text complemented by step-by-step illustrations, dozens of […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597143158 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Pocket Guide Set: San Francisco Bay Area

Created by the author and illustrator of the popular Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, this set of habitat guides makes plant and animal identification fun and easy. The box set contains four user-friendly foldout guides and is small enough to tote along in a pocket, yet durable enough to weather abuse at the bottom of any backpack.

Fold-out guide, ISBN: 9781597142694 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Pocket Guide to the Birds of the Sacramento Valley

The Sacramento Valley is a unique and special part of California. There are quaint small towns and hardworking family farmers that grow food while providing environmental benefits. Area rice fields have an amazing abundance and diversity of wildlife. Rice fields act as surrogate wetlands, providing billions of dollars in environmental benefits. They are home to […]

Fold-out guide, ISBN: 9781597142670 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Pocket Guide: Among the oaks and pines

With an ideal climate for some of the most majestic trees in the world, the Bay Area is an arboreal playland. Take a trek through Muir Woods to see the amazing Coast Redwood. This fog-loving tree provides shelter for the endangered Spotted Owl and is the tallest and one of longest-lived trees on earth—some grow to over three hundred feet tall and live more than two thousand years!

Fold-out guide, ISBN: 9781597141246 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Pocket Guide: Near creeks, rivers, and ponds

The Bay Area is a great place to explore the life that is sustained by marshes, streams, and ponds. Muddy banks make for great animal tracking, so keep your eyes downward in search of tracks and other clues, and listen for the sounds of frogs splashing as they leap into the water.

In late winter, be on the lookout for newts as they emerge from their burrows to lay eggs.

Fold-out guide, ISBN: 9781597141222 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Pocket Guide: On grassy hills and in fields

The Bay Area is known for its beautiful golden hills, which are covered with the combination of grasses, tangled shrubs, and other low-growing vegetation known as chaparral. Resident mammals are magnificent—look for the tracks and droppings of coyotes and other large mammals, and for signs of smaller rabbits and rodents too. On the hills you’ll find springtime welcomed by blankets of orange poppies growing abundantly alongside other colorful wildflowers.

Fold-out guide, ISBN: 9781597141239 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Pocket Guide: Yard and Garden Birds

With this durable, color-coded guide to the birds of Bay Area yards, parks, and gardens—and some time outdoors—you will soon know a towhee from a pewee, a phoebe from a chickadee, and when a dazzling flock of Cedar Waxwings lights nearby, you’ll be ready to enjoy it. Courting, nesting, feeding, fledging, singing, shuffling, drilling, perching, […]

Fold-out guide, ISBN: 9781597143097 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Laws Sketchbook for Nature Journaling

Created with the beginning nature journalist in mind, The Laws Sketchbook for Nature Journaling hardcover blank journal is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in the practice and joy of getting out, observing, and recording nature. Including tips, advice, and practical information from master nature journalist John Muir Laws—from what makes up a well-stocked nature […]

Hardcover, ISBN: 9781597143455 Temporarily Out of Stock

Magpies and Mayflies: An Introduction to Plants and Animals of the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills

Final sale! Was $16.95, now $4.24. Follow biologist Derek Madden as he explores some of California’s most diverse ecosystems. Most often associated with rich farmland, bountiful orchards, spreading cities, irrigation channels, and well-traveled highways, California’s Great Central Valley and nearby Sierra Nevada Foothills have long hosted abundant, varied, and often surprising plant and animal life. […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597140034 Temporarily Out of Stock

Making Table Wine at Home

If you’ve ever thought about making your own zinfandel, pinot noir, chenin blanc, or any other table wine at home, this manual can get you started. Organized into eight short chapters that discuss the ingredients and practices that make a good table wine, you will learn how to bring those elements together in a home winery. Individual chapters […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781879906662 Temporarily Out of Stock

Natural Enemies Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Biological Pest Control

The Natural Enemies Handbook has endured as the most comprehensive guide to biological control agents ever made available to practitioners. This practical guide helps you identify and understand the biology of predators, parasites, pathogens, competitors, and antagonists that help control specific insect, pathogen, nematode, or weed pests. Published by University of California’s Division of Agricultural […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781879906419 Temporarily Out of Stock

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Santa Barbara Region

Final sale! Was $35.00, now $8.75. The Santa Barbara region is at the cusp of Northern and Southern California, where animals and plants from both areas mingle and create ecosystems of great diversity. In the first-ever comprehensive nature guide to the area, accomplished author, teacher, and Santa Barbara native Joan Easton Lentz shares her lifelong […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597142410 Temporarily Out of Stock

Oaks in the Urban Landscape: Selection, Care, and Preservation

Using this book you’ll learn how to effectively manage and protect oaks in urban areas—existing oaks as well as the planting of new oaks. Three key areas are addressed: selection, care, and preservation. You’ll learn how cultural practices, pest management, risk management, preservation during development, and genetic diversity can all play a role in preserving urban oaks. Arborists, […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601076809 Temporarily Out of Stock

On Track: A Field Guide to San Francisco’s Streetcars and Cable Cars

San Francisco just wouldn’t be the same without its colorful streetcars and cable cars. These vintage forms of public transit are not only practical ways to explore the City—they’re amusement rides that jangle through a mix of historic buildings and vibrant new development, filling your ears with the sound of cables clicking as steel wheels […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597142786 Temporarily Out of Stock

Organic Apple Production Manual

Over 20 years of research by UC scientists, farm advisors, growers, and the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program have culminated in the first production manual from the University of California for current or potential producers of certified organic apples. Organic Apple Production Manual  includes a review of trends in production and markets, supply and price, and state/federal […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781879906488 Temporarily Out of Stock

Organic Olive Production Manual

This guidebook provides detailed information for growers on production issues, plant nutrition, economics, pest and weed control, management of olive wastes, the conversion process, and organic certification and registration. Using this manual you’ll learn about orchard site selection considerations, irrigation needs, terrain, temperature, soil, damage from the olive fruit fly, and how these may vary for table fruit versus […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601074409 Temporarily Out of Stock

Organic Strawberry Production Manual

Strawberries are among the most important fruit crops in California, and organic production is on the rise. This useful manual, complete with detailed information on production, disease and pest management, post-harvest handling, marketing, and the organic certification process, will help you feel ready to take on the challenges of organic growing. With input from more than 20 University of […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601077509 Temporarily Out of Stock

Organic Vegetable Production Manual

This manual provides detailed information for growers on farming vegetables organically, addressing the essential topics for success in this highly competitive marketplace. Chapters cover a range of topics for the organic vegetable farmer: business and marketing plans, economic performance, soil fertility management, managing diseases, weed management, post-harvest handling, as well as organic certification and registration in California. Published by University […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601075574 Temporarily Out of Stock

Organic Winegrowing Manual

This full-color guide provides information on practices and considerations for organic and conventional growers alike. Includes information on organic soil management, the roles of compost and cover crops, and a calendar of recommended practices for year-round soil fertility management. Illustrated with 18 tables and 89 figures and photos, including close-up color photographs of important natural enemies and disease symptoms. […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601075635 Temporarily Out of Stock

Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs: An Integrated Pest Management Guide (Third Edition)

With this manual you will be able to diagnose and manage hundreds of insect, mite, weed, plant disease, and nematode pests. You’ll find information on using environmentally safe IPM methods, landscape designs that prevent pests, selecting resistant varieties, choosing and using less-toxic pesticides, planting, irrigating, and other plant-care activities that help in avoiding problems. Contains […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601078643 Temporarily Out of Stock

Pests of the Garden and Small Farm (3rd Edition)

This classic handbook adapts scientifically based integrated pest management techniques to the needs of the home gardener and small-scale farmer. 95 common pests are described, covering insects, mites, plant diseases, nematodes, and weeds of fruit and nut trees and vegetables using the IPM approach of making minimal use of broad-spectrum pesticides; the methods recommended here […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601079749 Temporarily Out of Stock

Quirky Berkeley

When it comes to landscaping, why stop at plastic flamingos? Based on Tom Dalzell’s blog of the same name, Quirky Berkeley pays tribute to the boldly imaginative artwork on display in front of, on top of, and engulfing residents’ houses all over the city. With full-color photographs and a pithy wit, Dalzell shares his discoveries […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597143592 Temporarily Out of Stock

Quirky Berkeley, Volume 3

Following the success of Quirky Berkeley, “arbiter of the eccentric” (The New York Times) Tom Dalzell returns to take readers on a tour of even more artwork that peppers the proudly idiosyncratic Northern California city. Stroll along iconic Telegraph Avenue for views of painted-metal portrait sculptures of figures ranging from Rasputin to Mario Savio—even Heyday’s […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597144315 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Sea Forager’s Guide to the Northern California Coast

Winner the 2017 NCIBA Book of the Year Award (Regional Interest). In The Sea Forager’s Guide to the Northern California Coast, Kirk Lombard combines a startling depth of knowledge with wry humor and colorful storytelling to guide readers’ quests to hook fish, dig clams, and pick seaweed for themselves. Leighton Kelly’s stunning, occasionally idiosyncratic illustrations complement practical […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597143578 Temporarily Out of Stock

Secrets of the Oak Woodlands: Plants and Animals among California’s Oaks

A Californian may vacation in Yosemite, Big Sur, or Death Valley, but many of us come home to an oak woodland. Yet, while common, oak woodlands are anything but ordinary. In a book rich in illustration and suffused with wonder, author Kate Marianchild combines extensive research and years of personal experience to explore some of […]

Paperback, with flaps, ISBN: 9781597142625 Temporarily Out of Stock

Sierra Birds: A Hiker’s Guide

As a naturalist managing the field studies program at the California Academy of Sciences, John Muir Laws noticed that novice birders often distinguish birds by color and size rather than species. This inspired him to create Sierra Birds: A Hiker’s Guide, a unique book that assumes no prior birding knowledge on the part of the reader. Color-coded keys eliminate the time-consuming frustration of thumbing randomly through a guide, and a cross-index is also included for more advanced birders. All this in a format that is simply organized, lightweight, and small enough to tuck inside a pocket.

Paperback, ISBN: 9781890771782 Temporarily Out of Stock

Sierra Wildflowers: A Hiker’s Guide PREORDER

From sprawling fields of showy hillside poppies, lupines, and paintbrushes in the foothills to orchids, lilies, and primroses in the higher meadows of our national parks, the Sierra Nevada is one of the premier wildflower destinations in California. Naturalist John Muir Laws has adapted his painted-from-life flower illustrations from The Laws Field Guide to the […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597144674 Temporarily Out of Stock

Small Farm Handbook (Second Edition)

Drawing upon the knowledge of 32 experts from the University of California, no other publication covers topics, issues, and facets of California’s small-scale agriculture with this depth or level of expertise. Throughout you’ll get a look at emerging trends and issues for California agriculture, marketing and product sales, and innovative methods for better production and management. Also included are […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601076984 Temporarily Out of Stock

Songbird, Bat, and Owl Boxes: Vineyard Management with an Eye toward Wildlife

Explore the benefits of the biodiversity and the beauty of songbirds, bats, and owls with this handy guide. You’ll learn about “win-win” ideas and methods for integrating nest boxes with vineyard management, biology and habitat requirements, details on construction and maintenance, literature sources, and online resources where you can get more information. While written with grape growers and vineyard […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781601074850 Temporarily Out of Stock

Specialty and Minor Crops Handbook

Handy for commercial producers as well as backyard gardeners, this classic guide for growers and sellers of niche market produce provides detailed information about growing specialty crops that are growing in popularity among consumers. Includes 63 crop sheets—from arugula to radicchio, basil to thyme, prickly pear to tomatillos, variety and heirloom tomatoes. Includes market information, resources, and a glossary […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781879906389 Temporarily Out of Stock

Spiders in Your Neighborhood: A Field Guide to Your Local Spider Friends

Spiders! Scary? Maybe. Cool? Definitely. Author Pat Stadille used to be terribly afraid of these eight-legged daddies, until he started learning more about them. Now spiders are his best friends! We have a feeling you’re going to feel the same way, once you hear about their silky skills, hunting habits, and generally shy and gentle […]

Saddle-stitched, ISBN: 9781597142601 Temporarily Out of Stock

Tree Fruit Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards

Carry these handy, pocket-sized laminated cards in the field as handy references for identifying and monitoring major insect and mite pests and several important diseases in California deciduous tree fruits and nuts. A description and close-up photographs of important life stages identify each pest. Cards identifying important natural enemies are also included. The information on these cards will help […]

Laminated cards, ISBN: 9781601076342 Temporarily Out of Stock

The Trees of Golden Gate Park and San Francisco

Final sale! Was $18.95, now $4.74. The Trees of Golden Gate Park is based on the writings of botanist Elizabeth McClintock, whose column on the trees of Golden Gate Park was a feature of Pacific Horticulture magazine for twenty-five years; it presents the reader with the stories of 170 different trees found in the park and […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781890771287 Temporarily Out of Stock

Where on Earth: A Guide to Specialty Nurseries and Gardens in California

Ever since its initial publication in 1993, this guide to California’s specialty plant nurseries has been an invaluable tool for gardeners and landscapers, and it is now available in an expanded and completely revised edition. Organized by geographic region, each listing provides essential information, including address, contact information, hours, plant offerings, and a detailed description […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597143943 Temporarily Out of Stock

Wild Suburbia: Learning to Garden with Native Plants

Wild Suburbia guides us through the process of transforming a traditional, high water-use yard into a peaceful habitat garden abounding with native plants. Author Barbara Eisenstein emphasizes that gardening is a rewarding activity rather than a finished product, from removing lawns and getting in touch with a yard’s climate to choosing plants and helping them thrive. Supplementing her advice with personal […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781597143639 Temporarily Out of Stock

Wine Grape Varieties in California

This beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for growers, vintners, and enthusiasts. Inside you’ll find information on ripening periods for 53 varieties grown in California, ripening dates of varieties by period and growing district, and detailed illustrations of grapevine structure. Most valuable of all is the discussion of the 36 major wine grape varieties grown in the state. Every […]

Paperback, ISBN: 9781879906631 Temporarily Out of Stock