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the Replica Christian Louboutin St. Andrew cross, the archives state.The Florida state flag is very similar to that of Alabama, chi hair straighteners with the addition of Florida state seal in the center.However, the banner, a white flag with the battle flag in the upper fake Michael kors handbags left corner, was removed from the state Capitol in 2001 while Jeb Bush was governor.Bush today said he believes the Confederate flag should be removed from the South Carolina capitol.position on how to address the Confederate flag is clear. In Florida, we acted, moving the flag from the state grounds to a museum where it belonged, Bush said cheap Michael Kors in a statement released Saturday.Stars in the shape of a diamond may hint at the Confederate battle flag, but that is actually not the Arkansas state flag connection to the Confederacy.Instead, the tie is the single star placed above the state name at the center of the flag.State historian Dr. John Ferguson said on the Arkansas secretary of state website that the star was added in 1924 to represent the state former membership in the Confederacy.Though there
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