Butler Koshland Fellowship: the Experience of a Lifetime

As some of you may know, I first came to Heyday in 2006 through a program called the Butler Koshland Fellowship.

Malcolm Margolin, Heyday’s publisher, served as my mentor. When our fellowship year ended, Malcolm created a new position for me: Director of Publishing Partnerships. As my relationship with Heyday deepened so did my work with the Butler Koshland Fellowship program and I now serve as its coordinator, working with the amazing Lew Butler to select mentors and fellows. Each one of these hires is exciting, and the mentorship I’m about to spring on you below is doubly thrilling because it is for Marty Krasney–who is not only a Butler Koshland Felowship trustee, but also serves on the board of Heyday. The opportunity to work with Marty will be the experience of a lifetime for the right person.

Do you know someone special who fits the description? Please download and forward along.

Best wishes to all of our Butler Koshland Fellows–past, present, and future!

Kate (Publishing Partnerships)