A conversation with Jeremy Rosenberg

Thank goodness for Google. If it weren’t for that omnipresent and perhaps all-too-omnipotent search engine, Jeremy Rosenberg would not have found out about the California Historical Society Book Award contest, and we wouldn’t have had the winner that is Under Spring: Voices + Art + Los Angeles. The book’s title takes its name from a public […]

Press Release: San Francisco: Arts for the City—Civic Art and Urban Change, 1932-2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA CONTACTS: Natalie Mulford, Heyday Tel: 510-549-3564 E: Natalie@heydaybooks.com Kate Patterson, San Francisco Arts Commission Tel: 415-252-4638 E: Kate.Patterson@sfgov.org THE SAN FRANCISCO ARTS COMMISSION AND HEYDAY BRING 80 YEARS OF CULTURAL INNOVATION TO LIFE IN NEW BOOK San Francisco: Arts for the City—Civic Art and Urban Change, 1932–2012 on Bookshelves April 1, […]

Q&A: “Aesop in California” author and illustrator Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen’s Aesop in California is a greatly anticipated follow-up to his first book, Mother Goose in California, also published by Heyday. Retelling these ancient fables in a California setting updates and invigorates the tales, renewing them for another generation of children and adults alike. Fall 2012 intern Daniel Wikey interviews Mr. Hansen on his artistic journey […]

Q&A: John Muir Laws discusses “The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds”

John Muir Laws is the author of the recent title “The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds”, a manual on drawing the natural world and cultivating new ways of seeing that grant one’s artistic technique more precision and accuracy. Here, he talks about the logistical and philosophical factors at play in nature, his work as an […]

Q&A: “Kodoku” author and illustrator William Emery and Hanae Rivera

A modern day hero tale telling the real-world story of Kenichi Horie, who sailed from his home in Osaka, Japan to the shores of San Francisco–alone–in 1962, Kodoku masterfully recounts Kenichi’s adventures in both textual and visual narrative. From the awe at the Pacific Ocean’s majesty, to the encroaching sense of loneliness while isolated on his boat, the Mermaid; to the […]

Ken Light: Continuing the Documentary Tradition in the 21st Century

Over the last few years, Susie Katz, president and founder of PhotoWings, has been documenting the process behind Ken and Melanie Light’s Valley of Shadows and Dreams, their photographic and literary exploration of a region known for its agricultural plenty—and the marginalization of its people. Below is an excerpt from the first in a two part series from PhotoWings […]

Q&A with “All of Us or None” author Lincoln Cushing

Following the controversial history of protest art, Lincoln Cushing presents a powerfully engaging narrative celebrating the sociopolitical energy and sense of immediacy that is unique to this particular art form. With an astounding collection of over 24,000 posters, All of Us or None depicts the evolution of the genre and relates it back to our […]

Q & A with “Cityscapes” author John King

An outgrowth of “Cityscape,” a weekly column that debuted in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009, Cityscapes is part history, part guidebook, and part architectural primer. John King is the San Francisco Chronicle’s urban design critic. He joined the paper in 1992 and has been in his current post since 2001. His writing on architecture and […]

Nude or Naked or Not

Lucian Freud, one of the foremost painters of the twentieth century, died a week ago. He was best known for his life-size portraits and larger than life-size paintings of naked people. Freud eschewed the formal term for these renderings of large, fleshy and lumpy models. He chose not to call them nudes, but naked paintings.

Project Update: Valley of Shadows and Dreams

Scheduled for publication in May 2012, our project about the Great Central Valley is coming together. With a working title of Valley of Shadows and Dreamsthe book explores this dynamic and important region, which is often difficult to capture. We know we are on the right track, though. Thomas Steinbeck (yes, the son of John […]