A Conversation with Laura Cunningham

In 2011, Laura Cunningham published  A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California with Heyday, earning her the California Book Award Gold Medal and much critical acclaim. Four years later, she’s directed her writing and gifts for visual storytelling in The Bay Area through Time to those who will soon take on the upkeep of […]

A conversation with Charles Hobson and Mary Daniel Hobson

Here is a simple recipe for making something magical: mix a series of long car rides and three generations of eminently creative people. You get The Wolf Who Ate the Sky, a beautiful picture book that delights children as well as the young at heart. Based on a story that mixed–media artist Mary Daniel (Danny) Hobson made up with her […]

Q&A: “Aesop in California” author and illustrator Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen’s Aesop in California is a greatly anticipated follow-up to his first book, Mother Goose in California, also published by Heyday. Retelling these ancient fables in a California setting updates and invigorates the tales, renewing them for another generation of children and adults alike. Fall 2012 intern Daniel Wikey interviews Mr. Hansen on his artistic journey […]

Q&A: “Kodoku” author and illustrator William Emery and Hanae Rivera

A modern day hero tale telling the real-world story of Kenichi Horie, who sailed from his home in Osaka, Japan to the shores of San Francisco–alone–in 1962, Kodoku masterfully recounts Kenichi’s adventures in both textual and visual narrative. From the awe at the Pacific Ocean’s majesty, to the encroaching sense of loneliness while isolated on his boat, the Mermaid; to the […]

Super Silly Champagne Reception!

Join us Wednesday, June 1st for a super silly celebration with the creators of The Super Silly Yosemite Sticker and Activity Book. Please RSVP to Lillian at lillian@heydaybooks.com.

Mother Goose in California

A new attraction at Fresno Storyland celebrates Doug Hansen’s Mother Goose in California, a fun children’s book currently available from Heyday Books. Mother Goose in California is organized as an alphabet book, and the familiar rhymes are accompanied by illustrations that feature California settings, historical themes, and a host of native animals. Along with its many other storybook-themed attractions, Storyland […]