Get Lit: Fred Setterberg

Fred Setterberg talks about his novel, Lunch Bucket Paradise, with Pete Crooks on “Get Lit.” Produced by the Walnut Creek Public Library.

Q&A: “Masha’allah and Other Stories” author Mariah K. Young

Whether we love it or hate it, our work shapes who we are, and in Masha’allah and Other Stories, winner of the first James D. Houston award, debut author Mariah K. Young explores this idea through the stories of nine people on the fringes of life in East Oakland. Day laborers, dog breeders, bartenders, and growers invite us in as […]

“What is your favorite thing about the fall season?” Readers respond.

Last month we asked readers, “What is your favorite thing about autumn?” We were going to pick three of the best answers, but we found four! Here are excerpts from their winning responses. Congratulations to Stephanie, Gilberto, Susan, and Paul on winning out-of-print copies of the cloth-bound Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy. […]

Q&A: “Kodoku” author and illustrator William Emery and Hanae Rivera

A modern day hero tale telling the real-world story of Kenichi Horie, who sailed from his home in Osaka, Japan to the shores of San Francisco–alone–in 1962, Kodoku masterfully recounts Kenichi’s adventures in both textual and visual narrative. From the awe at the Pacific Ocean’s majesty, to the encroaching sense of loneliness while isolated on his boat, the Mermaid; to the […]

Super Silly Champagne Reception!

Join us Wednesday, June 1st for a super silly celebration with the creators of The Super Silly Yosemite Sticker and Activity Book. Please RSVP to Lillian at

No longer drifting

There’s a scene in “The Graduate” where Dustin Hoffman is lounging on an inner tube in his family pool after finishing his degree, and his father casts a shadow over him and asks what he thinks he’s doing. Dustin Hoffman responds, “Well, I would say that I’m just drifting. Here in the pool.” As a […]

Pacific Pup: The California Coast According to Annette

The End of My Journey… Yesterday, I was tremendously sad, thinking that my time as an intern at Heyday had already come to an end. How did it go by so fast? I was extremely lucky to have such a unique experience, as a Scientific Illustrator Intern, and there is no way Heyday is going […]

Pacific Pup: The California Coast According to Annette

Hangin’ by the Pool I know for a fact that in my lifetime, I will absolutely never grow tired of exploring the tide pools scattered along California’s dramatic and rocky shoreline. No matter how many times I’ve been mesmerized, there is always something new I haven’t seen in past adventures, something even more enchanting than […]

Pacific Pup: The California Coast According to Annette

Midweek Update Mix it up! If there is one thing I have learned in my artistic adventures, it is to never set limits or think certain actions are “wrong.” Rules, as the old saying goes, are meant to be broken. For years, I thought there was some rule against mixing media like watercolors, colored pencil, […]

Pacific Pup: The California Coast According to Annette

Stickin’ on the Dock of the Bay Exploring California wharfs and piers is always exciting, and not just for the people-watching, good food, and silly souvenirs. I can’t help but smile when I see animals using man-made structures like these as prime real estate. Underneath all the excitement and human activity lies a surprisingly diverse […]