On Culinary California

While working at Heyday, intern Daniel Wikey often took pause and ruminated upon food, narrative, politics, and California — concepts at the foundation of Heyday’s diverse themes. This essay combines these topics and subversively discusses the paradoxical nature of California and its cuisine(s). When I think of “California”—not as a place, but as a the […]

The Value of the Undramatic Gesture

Excerpted from Giving with Confidence:A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy by Colburn Wilbur with Fred Setterberg, now available in hardcover from Heyday.  From “Chapter 3: The Value of the Undramatic Gesture; Principle #3: Dare to be dull.”   A Strategy of Steadiness Nonprofit executives routinely manage a dozen restricted grants and government contracts. In effect, they’re saddled with the equivalent of […]

California’s Melting Beauties

Excerpted from California Glaciers, by photographer and naturalist Tim Palmer, released September 2012 by Heyday and Sierra College Press. For more information on education and outreach surrounding California’s glaciers and global warming, click here. In the spring of 2010 I set out for the glaciers of California. I wanted to see them before they were gone. […]

Mr. Felix

This is the first story in Mariah K. Young’s debut Masha’allah and Other Stories, to be published this November by Heyday. Young’s short story collection is the first winner of the James D. Houston Award, which honors emerging writers on the West. Thick February fog the day they put Mr. Felix to rest, but not so […]

Ken Light: Continuing the Documentary Tradition in the 21st Century

Over the last few years, Susie Katz, president and founder of PhotoWings, has been documenting the process behind Ken and Melanie Light’s Valley of Shadows and Dreams, their photographic and literary exploration of a region known for its agricultural plenty—and the marginalization of its people. Below is an excerpt from the first in a two part series from PhotoWings […]

Hiking In Magnesia Falls Canyon to a Cahuilla Indian Village Site

DESERT WORD WALK – by Ruth Nolan The desert is traversed by many mountain ranges, some of them long, some short, some low, and some rising upward ten thousand feet. They are always circling you with a ragged horizon, dark-hued, bare-faced, barren—just as truly desert as the sands which were washed down from them.—John C. […]

Finished?: The book building process

Each season, Heyday’s interns write thoughtful blog posts on their experiences as insiders in the book publishing industry. This January, Anna Zeemont came to us from Oberlin College for a 30-day full-time intensive internship in Sales and Marketing. Here are her thoughts. During my time at Heyday, I tried to gain an expansive view of the […]

Lipstick, high heels, push-up bras, and cancer

Editor’s note: Dr. Lois Goodwill is a retired clinical psychologist and co-author, with the late Don Asher, of Entangled: A Chronicle of Late Love, a memoir in two voicesreleased by Heyday in July. Born in Montreal, Canada, she holds degrees from McGill University in Montrealand the Wright Institute in Berkeley. She enjoys attending theater and symphony performances and volunteer work. She is an […]

Down and Dirty in the Valley

In our last installment about the creation of the photo book, Valley of Shadows and Dreams, we were happy to announce the debut exhibition of the work at Umbrage Editions (www.umbragegallery.com) from March through May, 2012. Since then, our team has been slogging through the very unglamorous and painstaking work of preparing the photographs to […]


She wore the finely striped cloche at an insousciant angle, pulled down just so. The thin pink and orange stripes set off her sweet firm cheeks and her cornflower blue eyes glowed with pleasure when she spied her Grandmother right beside the stroller. There is little as charming, even bewitching, as a gal in a hat. Of course if the gal is nine months old and looks at the world with wonder and delight, then the bonnet can only add to the charm.