Excuse to Get Lost

Lucas Vasquez was a Sales and Marketing Intern at Heyday in the Summer of 2012. I got my first cell phone when I was almost sixteen, and I was late in the game. I didn’t mind living without one up to that point. Mostly, it was just inconvenient when I had to borrow somebody’s phone […]

Publishing: a great place to be

Elizabeth Smith, Fall 2012 Marketing and Publicity Intern, is now Managing Editorial Assistant at Chronicle Books. While interviewing for various book-related positions (the Heyday internship among them), one question came up over and over again: How do you feel about entering an industry that’s in such a state of change? Coming from a journalism background, […]

California Fancies

Alisha Saville, Sales and Marketing Intern at Heyday in the Fall of 2012, now works at California Newsreel.  A launch meeting gathered the staff my second week in. A lively debate on word meanings and titles concluded in the unusual unanimous decision, and I walked back to my desk reveling in the linguistic high. “Who […]

Author Q&A: “Bad Indians” author Deborah Miranda

In Bad Indians, author Deborah A. Miranda tells stories of her Ohlone Costanoan Esselen family as well as the experience of California Indians as a whole through oral histories, newspaper clippings, anthropological recordings, personal reflections, and poems. Here, she sheds light on some of the processes and influences that shaped the book. Bad Indians is a blend of […]

On Culinary California

While working at Heyday, intern Daniel Wikey often took pause and ruminated upon food, narrative, politics, and California — concepts at the foundation of Heyday’s diverse themes. This essay combines these topics and subversively discusses the paradoxical nature of California and its cuisine(s). When I think of “California”—not as a place, but as a the […]

Q&A: “Masha’allah and Other Stories” author Mariah K. Young

Whether we love it or hate it, our work shapes who we are, and in Masha’allah and Other Stories, winner of the first James D. Houston award, debut author Mariah K. Young explores this idea through the stories of nine people on the fringes of life in East Oakland. Day laborers, dog breeders, bartenders, and growers invite us in as […]

Q&A: “Aesop in California” author and illustrator Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen’s Aesop in California is a greatly anticipated follow-up to his first book, Mother Goose in California, also published by Heyday. Retelling these ancient fables in a California setting updates and invigorates the tales, renewing them for another generation of children and adults alike. Fall 2012 intern Daniel Wikey interviews Mr. Hansen on his artistic journey […]

Q&A: “Kodoku” author and illustrator William Emery and Hanae Rivera

A modern day hero tale telling the real-world story of Kenichi Horie, who sailed from his home in Osaka, Japan to the shores of San Francisco–alone–in 1962, Kodoku masterfully recounts Kenichi’s adventures in both textual and visual narrative. From the awe at the Pacific Ocean’s majesty, to the encroaching sense of loneliness while isolated on his boat, the Mermaid; to the […]

Getting into California

By Sandy Chang, Sales and Marketing Intern at Heyday, B.A. Candidate in English, Stanford University, 2013 On my second day at Heyday, Lillian, one of my supervisors, turned around from the passenger seat of the car and smiled, “Today is a great day for research. Let’s go hiking at a preserve one of our fall books […]

Just get out into the world

James O’Hagan was a Sales and Marketing Intern at Heyday during the summer of 2012. When offered the opportunity to work as an intern at Heyday, I was excited for the chance to gain experience and insight into the publishing industry. With the end of my time as an undergraduate student approaching, I am faced […]