Heyday books win California Book Awards: “Valley of Shadows and Dreams” and “Masha’allah and Other Stories”

Two Heyday titles have won California Book Awards: Valley of Shadows and Dreams by Ken Light and Melanie Light earned the Gold Medal for Contribution to Publishing and Masha’allah and Other Stories by Mariah K. Young earned a Silver Medal for First Fiction. These books are now on sale for a limited time.   The 82nd […]

Q&A: “Masha’allah and Other Stories” author Mariah K. Young

Whether we love it or hate it, our work shapes who we are, and in Masha’allah and Other Stories, winner of the first James D. Houston award, debut author Mariah K. Young explores this idea through the stories of nine people on the fringes of life in East Oakland. Day laborers, dog breeders, bartenders, and growers invite us in as […]

Winner of the 2012 James D. Houston Award: Keenan Norris’s “Brother and the Dancer”

For the second winner of the James D. Houston Award, our annual prize named after the late, great Santa Cruz author and aimed at publishing emerging writers on the West, we have chosen Brother and the Dancer by Keenan Norris, a doctoral candidate in English at UC Riverside. A 2005 graduate of the Mills College MFA program […]

Mr. Felix

This is the first story in Mariah K. Young’s debut Masha’allah and Other Stories, to be published this November by Heyday. Young’s short story collection is the first winner of the James D. Houston Award, which honors emerging writers on the West. Thick February fog the day they put Mr. Felix to rest, but not so […]