Get Lit: Fred Setterberg

Fred Setterberg talks about his novel, Lunch Bucket Paradise, with Pete Crooks on “Get Lit.” Produced by the Walnut Creek Public Library.

Q&A with Carlos E. Cortés, author of “Rose Hill”

A poignant memoirist, Carlos E. Cortés brings his past to life in Rose Hill: An Intermarriage before its Time, portraying multiracial relationships and the impact they had on the development of his identity. Sometimes hilarious and at times tragic, this powerful narrative takes the reader on a journey of self-realization that speaks to us on […]

Q & A with “Turned Round in My Boots” author Bruce Patterson

Upon returning to American soil after the Vietnam War, Patterson has only one rule: “Never take a job you couldn’t quit.” And so begins his formidable journey of learning how to re-adapt to civilian life. Told with remarkable honesty, Turned Round in My Boots is a powerful and engaging tale about hard work, true love, […]