Q & A with John Muir Laws

The Washington Post called John Muir (Jack) Laws “a modern Audubon” for his astonishing and inspiring work as a naturalist and artist. He’s responsible for The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, and now The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling. His newest book is a magnificent, […]

Q & A with “The Flavors of Home” author Margit Roos-Collins

The Flavors of Home is more than a forager’s guidebook. It’s a call to adventure, a lyrical case for getting to know your home landscapes better, and a celebration of savor. As author Margit Roos-Collins puts it in her introduction: “My job is to partner with your own curious and lively spirit…and encourage you to […]

A Conversation with Laura Cunningham

In 2011, Laura Cunningham published  A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California with Heyday, earning her the California Book Award Gold Medal and much critical acclaim. Four years later, she’s directed her writing and gifts for visual storytelling in The Bay Area through Time to those who will soon take on the upkeep of […]

A conversation with Marni Fylling

The Heyday offices are abuzz with excitement over Fylling’s Illustrated Guide to Pacific Coast Tide Pools. This delightful guidebook is packed with beautiful illustrations and lively descriptions by Marni Fylling, who has captured the essence of the Pacific Coast’s otherworldly creatures all the way from her home in Hoboken, New Jersey. I recently spoke with Marni about […]

A conversation with Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein

Heyday is thrilled to carry The Bay Area Forager: Your Guide to Edible Wild Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally a self-published book, Bay Area Forager is the result of a collaboration between two wild foods experts, Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein, who were frustrated by the lack of Bay Area- and even Western States-focused foraging titles. I […]

A conversation with Gordon Frankie

Meet Gordon Frankie: Cal professor, researcher at the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab, coauthor of California Bees and Blooms: A Guide for Gardeners and Naturalists, and all-around bee advocate. I spoke with Gordon about his work at the Urban Bee Lab, some of the threats facing undomesticated bees today, and some simple things ordinary citizens […]

Designer Q&A with Ashley Ingram

Ashley Ingram has been a designer at Heyday since October of last year. Her work includes the covers of Enough for All, Secrets of the Oak Woodlands, Sierra Stories, and the forthcoming Wonderments of the East Bay. I recently spoke with Ashley about designing the cover and interior of Trail Posts: A Literary Exploration of California’s State Parks, a […]

“What is your favorite thing about the fall season?” Readers respond.

Last month we asked readers, “What is your favorite thing about autumn?” We were going to pick three of the best answers, but we found four! Here are excerpts from their winning responses. Congratulations to Stephanie, Gilberto, Susan, and Paul on winning out-of-print copies of the cloth-bound Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy. […]

California’s Melting Beauties

Excerpted from California Glaciers, by photographer and naturalist Tim Palmer, released September 2012 by Heyday and Sierra College Press. For more information on education and outreach surrounding California’s glaciers and global warming, click here. In the spring of 2010 I set out for the glaciers of California. I wanted to see them before they were gone. […]

Reflections on California’s State Park Crisis

My dad has a map of Annadel State Park printed on a purple bandanna. As we hike up to lake Ilsanjo, my family and I take turns checking it. When we get to the lake, we dip it into the cool water and take turns tying it around our necks. Ham and cheese sandwiches followed […]