Q & A with “High Spirits” author J. K. Dineen

When author/San Francisco aficionado Gary Kamiya describes a book as “a righteous pour from the top shelf,” that’s a very good sign you should add it to your bookshelf. High Spirits: The Legacy Bars of San Francisco invites readers into twenty-six joints that serve as anchors of cultural identity, offering up human connection and deep sense of place—even as […]

A conversation with Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein

Heyday is thrilled to carry The Bay Area Forager: Your Guide to Edible Wild Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally a self-published book, Bay Area Forager is the result of a collaboration between two wild foods experts, Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein, who were frustrated by the lack of Bay Area- and even Western States-focused foraging titles. I […]

Q&A with “Short History of San Francisco” author Tom Cole

In 1981, Tom Cole published A Short History of San Francisco under the banner of his small press, Lexikos. The book went on to become the bestselling history of the city (The City), and it’s not hard to see why: Cole packs a lot of information into the small page count, taking readers from 2.5 million […]