Don’t Be Such a Worrywort

Like so many other interns, I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Heyday. Actually, that’s not true. I think that by the time I walked up the steps to this brown-shingled building on June 22, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I had been to Heyday before, for my interview, so there was no chance of my getting lost or not finding the place. Susan, our bubbly and extremely helpful publicity and marketing director, sent us an internship packet detailing what our responsibilities were going to be and a schedule of all upcoming meetings, so we could plan accordingly. There was even a letter from a previous intern (a letter I too get to write), letting me know not to worry, because everyone at Heyday was really nice and friendly and approachable and would not hesitate to help you if you needed it.

So what was there to worry about?

But somehow I managed to worry. Maybe it’s a genetic defect, inherited from my very worrisome, Eastern European grandmother. And my worry was whether or not this internship would live up to my expectations.

My expectations sort of hinged on whether or not this internship would make or break any career aspirations in the publishing industry. And I guess in that regard, it has let me down. It has neither made nor broken anything; I remain as delightfully indecisive as I was before I started. I can’t say that I am steadfastly pursuing a career in publishing, but I’m certainly not eliminating it as a possibility. Because what I found was that I really did like publicity and marketing. I like researching contacts and angles, making lists, networking and talking to people. And those are skills and interests that can, both fortunately and unfortunately, apply to almost any job or industry.

So here I am, at the end of these fantastic nine weeks (has it really been that long?), having learned so much, not just about publicity and marketing, but about the process from manuscript to printed book and all the interaction and cooperation it takes to get it there. I’ve gained skills I can apply to nearly anything, and insight into an industry I might someday call my profession.

I guess those weren’t exactly the expectations I originally had in mind, but hey, I’m willing to be flexible.

Arielle (Publicity and Marketing Intern)