A Taster’s Guide to the Landscape with Margit Roos-Collins

Wednesday Oct 26 2016   7:30 PM
Garden Room, Orinda Public Library  24 Orinda Way, Orinda, CA  map

Learn about edible native and introduced plants from Margit Roos-Collins, the author of the newly reissued local foraging classic, The Flavors of Home: A Guide to Wild Edible Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area. Margit will share some favorite native nibbles, weeds worth harvesting, and good plants to harvest with children. She will also bring a selection of edible plants from Native Here Nursery, all of them attractive and low-water garden additions.

Tasting plants in the wild bonds people to their environment with an intimacy and intensity unmatched by most outdoor activities. Land managers both understand this and struggle to protect plants from the ravages of commercially motivated harvesting. We’ll hear about some of the challenges associated with foraging and tips for keeping it safe, legal, and sustainable.

Margit Roos-Collins

When Margit Roos-Collins was six months old, she moved to Riverside, California, where her parents would push her carriage through orange groves after storms and pile windfall oranges in beside her. Maybe it all began there. When the citrus groves were cut down and the mountains were no longer visible, her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, but she found her way back to California in 1976. After writing The Flavors of Home, she became an attorney in environmental law. She subsequently raised two berry-picking companions and spent her time volunteering in their schools. She lives with her husband in Berkeley.