Gary Noy (Hellacious California!) LIVE with Steve Wasserman

- Tuesday Jun 23 2020  12:00 PM
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On Tuesday, June 23rd at noon, Heyday executive director Steve Wasserman welcomes author and historian Gary Noy for a presentation of his new book, Hellacious California: Tales of Rascality, Revelry, Dissipation, and Depravity, and the Birth of the Golden State.

Hellacious California tours the rambunctious and occasionally appalling amusements of the Golden State: gambling, gun duels, knife fights, gracious dining and gluttony, prostitution, fandangos, cigars, con artistry, and the demon drink. Historian Gary Noy unearths myriad primary sources, many of which have never before been published, to spin his true tall tales that are by turns humorous and horrifying. Whether detailing the exploits of an inebriated stallion, gambling parlors as a reinforcement and subversion of racial norms, armed skirmishes over eggs, or the ins and outs of the “Spirit Lover” scam, Noy expertly situates these stories in the context of a live-for-the-moment society characterized by audacity, bigotry, and risk.

Gary will be presenting images from this dramatic time period, and will be answering your questions LIVE!

This event is free.

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