Guadalajara International Book Fair

Saturday Nov 28 2009   12:00:00
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November 28 through December 6
Authors, literary agents, librarians, booksellers and more than 1,600 publishing houses from 40 countries visit us every year. With them, over half a million visitors will enjoy the world of books and share the very best of Los Angeles’ culture and arts, their 2009 Guest of Honor. Heyday will be there and J. Michael Walker, author of All The Saints of the City of the Angels, will be on the panel, “Todo, menos la historia…: La no-ficción creativa en L.A.”
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J. Michael WalkerBorn and raised in Arkansas, J. Michael Walker came to Los Angeles by way of Mexico—a critical stopover that “explained” L.A. to him: its historical, thriving roots churning beneath the asphalt. Since 1984, he has participated in more than one hundred exhibitions; received a dozen grants, fellowships, and artist residencies; and has enjoyed solo shows in both the United States and Mexico. He resides, of course, in Los Angeles.