Kate Marianchild: Central Valley Birding Symposium

Friday Nov 20 2015   1:00 PM
Stockton Hilton Hotel   2323 Grand Canal Blvd , Stockton, CA  map

Kate Marianchild’s walk on Friday morning will be at Caswell Memorial State Park and will include looking at woodrat nests and discussing the lives of their extraordinary occupants. She will give the keynote address at the Central Valley Birding Symposium at the Stockton Hilton, and her PowerPoint presentation on Saturday night, “Our Magnificent Valley Oaks: Hubs of their Habitats,” will focus on California’s endemic valley oak, the largest and most majestic oak in North America. She will give a quick overview of California’s tree oaks, and then zero in on the large valley oaks that are usually throbbing centers of life.

Registration required; for more information visit http://www.katemarianchild.com/walks-talks-classes/and http://www.cvbsreg.org

Kate MarianchildWhen Kate Marianchild migrated to the oak woodlands of inland Mendocino County in 2001, she promptly fell in love with an ecosystem. After writing for Audubon and other nature-oriented nonprofits for several years, she began the research that led to the writing of this book. Marianchild studied Chinese language and literature at UC Berkeley and New Asia College in Hong Kong, graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Berkeley with a degree in comparative literature. Following years of grassroots political activism, she moved to Mendocino County in 1980 and supported herself as a carpenter while founding and running Rising Tide Sea Vegetables, a company that is still thriving today under new ownership. For the past thirteen years she has lived in a cozy twenty-five-foot-diameter yurt with no indoor plumbing except a sink and a two-gallon hot water heater. In addition to watching wildlife, leading nature walks, and giving slide presentations, Marianchild sings with two community choirs, kayaks, swims, and participates in the events of her beloved community. (Kate Marianchild was known as Kathy Roberts before she changed her name to honor her deceased mother.)