Life after Manzanar with Naomi Hirahara

Sunday Jun 17 2018   2:00 PM
The Buddhist Temple of Chicago  1151 W Leland Ave, Chicago, IL  map

Naomi Hirahara will present her new book Life after Manzanar as part of the Buddhist Temple of Chicago’s annual Natsu Matsuri (summer festival), which goes from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Naomi’s talk will run from 2:00 to 2:30.

From the editor of the award-winning Children of Manzanar, Heather C. Lindquist, and Edgar Award winner Naomi Hirahara comes a nuanced account of the “Resettlement”: the relatively unexamined period when ordinary people of Japanese ancestry, having been unjustly imprisoned during World War II, were finally released from custody. Given twenty-five dollars and a one-way bus ticket to make a new life, some ventured east to Denver and Chicago to start over, while others returned to Southern California only to face discrimination and an alarming scarcity of housing and jobs. Hirahara and Lindquist weave new and archival oral histories into an engaging narrative that illuminates the lives of former internees in the postwar era, both in struggle and unlikely triumph. Readers will appreciate the painstaking efforts that rebuilding required, and will feel inspired by the activism that led to redress and restitution—and that built a community that even now speaks out against other racist agendas.

Cosponsored by the Buddhist Temple of Chicago and the Japanese American Service Committee. More information here (PDF).

Naomi HiraharaNaomi Hirahara is a writer of both nonfiction books and mysteries. With Geraldine Knatz, she cowrote Terminal Island: The Lost Communities of Los Angeles Harbor, which won a Bruckman Award for Excellence and an Award of Merit from the Conference of California Historical Societies. Her Edgar Award–winning Mas Arai mysteries have been published in France, Japan, and Korea. A former editor of the Rafu Shimpo newspaper, she also curates historical exhibitions and writes articles and short stories.