Nowhere Is Our Real Home: Community and Identity in the New West: Kenneth Brower

Thursday May 05 2016   3:00 PM
Henry Miller Library  Highway 1, Carmel, CA  map

In Big Sur and throughout the West, a new economic wave spurred by the internet is causing dramatic impacts. Some immediately presenting issues: workers’ housing, short-term rentals, the commercialization of neighborhoods, traffic congestion along Highway 1, and the intrusion of helicopters, drones, and other electronic devices in the backcountry and in backcountry neighborhoods. The Henry Miller Memorial Library will host “Nowhere Is Our Real Home,” a speakers series aimed at catalyzing discussion of this overall theme. Kenneth Brower, author of Hetch Hetchy: Undoing A Great American Mistake and The Wildness Within, will discuss themes of home and sign copies of his book.

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Kenneth David BrowerKenneth David Brower is the oldest son of the pioneering environmentalist David Brower. His first memories are of the Sierra Nevada and the wild country of the American West. His father drafted him into service as an editor at nineteen, and under that leadership he wrote or edited fourteen volumes in the Exhibit-Format Series of photography books produced by the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth. In his mid-twenties he departed his father’s shop to become a freelance writer, and his work has appeared in The Atlantic, Audubon, National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, The Paris Review, Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian, Sierra, Islands, and numerous other magazines. He is the author of the books The Starship and the Canoe, Wake of the Whale, A Song for Satawal, Realms of the Sea, The Winemaker’s Marsh, Freeing Keiko, and many more. He lives in Berkeley, California.