Obi Kaufmann on “The State of Water: California’s Most Precious Resource”

Sunday Jun 23 2019   7:00 PM
The Lab  3728 The Barnyard, Suite G-23, Carmel, CA  map

Join us for a very special Science Sunday at the Lab as we welcome acclaimed author Obi Kaufmann, who will discuss his new book, The State of Water: Understanding California’s Most Precious Resource.

For poet, painter, and naturalist Obi Kaufmann, California is a magic network of living systems that connect in a grand, quilted array of ecology and beauty. Obi Kaufmann’s lively presentation about how science and art can work together to deliver a powerful message of hope comes as an antidote to the miasma of despair that seems to pervade most popular discourse regarding the natural world of California and beyond. Full of local and data-driven insight, backed by empirical and accessible system-theory models, Obi presents his exhaustive work based on decades of packing and studying California’s rugged backcountry, with all its nuance and majesty.

The culmination is an integrated vision of how we, as individuals and as a society, can more-positively work towards a future that functions in alignment with the rhythms of nature, regardless of the fits of politics, the crush of human population, or the chaos of climate change.

Doors at 7:00 p.m., presentation soon after. $10-20 suggested donation at the door; RSVP here.

Obi KaufmannGrowing up in the East Bay as the son of an astrophysicist and a psychologist, Obi Kaufmann spent most of high school practicing calculus and breaking away on weekends to scramble around Mount Diablo and map its creeks, oak forests, and sage mazes. Into adulthood, he would regularly journey into the mountains, spending more summer nights without a roof than with one. For Kaufmann, the epic narrative of the California backcountry holds enough art, science, mythology, and language for a hundred field atlases to come. When he is not backpacking, you can find the painter-poet at his desk in Oakland, posting @coyotethunder #trailpaintings on social media. His website is