Fred Korematsu Speaks Up Book Drive Guide

Hello, and thank you so much for your interest in our book drive for Fred Korematsu Speaks Up. Please follow the directions in this screenshotted step-by-step guide to make your purchase for the library of your choice. It’s simple and easy!

Step 1. Open this Google Drive spreadsheet to view all libraries that have been nominated to receive a copy of Fred Korematsu Speaks Up. Choose a library close to home or on the other side of the world. (Note: Orders shipping internationally cannot be purchased through the Heyday website. Please call (510) 549-3564 ext. 304 to order a book for libraries outside of the United States.)


Step 2. Return to the book drive page. Add a copy of Fred Korematsu Speaks Up to your cart. This special price of $24.00 covers the cost of the book, shipping, and any applicable taxes. You will not be double-charged for shipping.


Step 3. Click the Checkout button when you are ready. (You can also shop for books for yourself, if you like!)



Step 4. Make sure to enter the name of the library you would like to sponsor in the Comments box highlighted in red below. This is the only way we will know where to send this copy of Fred Korematsu Speaks Up! Then, just add your billing and payment information. (We have all the libraries’ addresses on file, so there’s no need to look it up yourself. If you have added other titles to your cart, just add the shipping address where you’d like to use those products to go.) We will notify you when we ship Fred Korematsu Speaks Up to your library of choice.



We are not able to verify the nonprofit status of each library, so we cannot guarantee that every book purchase made through this drive will be tax-deductible. Please contact or call (510) 549-3564 ext. 314 if you have any questions about your purchase.

If you have any further questions about the Fred Korematsu Speaks Up book drive, please email or call (510) 549-3564 ext. 308.

Again, we thank you for your interest in helping to share Fred’s amazing story of strength and courage with as many young readers as possible!