Get Involved

Literature is perhaps the most private of the arts; books begin in isolation in the mind of an author and end as a shared experience with the reader. What happens in between is what we do and celebrate as publishers. Here’s how you can get involved:

Buy a book. Our mission is to develop engaging material and get it into the hands, minds, and hearts of readers. By purchasing our books, giving them as gifts, and talking about the ideas that they inspire, you are not only enriching your own life but also sustaining a dynamic cultural network.

Spread the word. Like other independent and alternative media, Heyday depends on individuals to spread the word. If you like what Heyday does, please tell your friends, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, forward our newsletters, bring your friends to our events, and recommend that others read our books. Your enthusiasm helps deepen our impact.

Attend an event. From lectures and bookstore readings to nature hikes and informal gatherings, where there’s a place to talk about books, you’ll find Heyday. Bring your ideas and join in.

Make a donation. Your generosity enables us to do significant work beyond what would otherwise be possible and allows us to thrive as a nonprofit. Heyday also happily accepts in-kind donations and services. Do you have an item for our annual auction? Food and wine for a book launch? Event space to share? Would you like to host an event or benefit? These kinds of donations are vital to what we do.

Become an intern. Interns are an integral part of our projects and have an exciting opportunity to learn firsthand about publishing.

For more information, please contact Emily: (510) 549-3564 ext. 312 or emily [at] heydaybooks [dot] com.