Getting into California

By Sandy Chang, Sales and Marketing Intern at Heyday, B.A. Candidate in English, Stanford University, 2013

On my second day at Heyday, Lillian, one of my supervisors, turned around from the passenger seat of the car and smiled, “Today is a great day for research. Let’s go hiking at a preserve one of our fall books is based on.”

Natalie, Lillian, and I had just finished a marketing meeting with authors Colburn Wilbur and Fred Setterberg about their upcoming book, Giving with Confidence: A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy. The meeting had lasted two hours, and we were all tired after a long discussion about ways to market their book through social networking, public media, and events. Therefore, we stopped by Pulgas Ridge for an hour of hiking before driving back to work. It’s moments like these that make working at Heyday a great experience. Although Heyday contributes amazing books to the literary world, the work environment is friendly and relaxing.

Heyday is a small non-profit publisher located in Berkeley, California. The organization exists to promote awareness and celebration of California’s many cultures, landscapes, and boundary-breaking ideas. It was originally founded by Malcom Margolin in 1974.

Meeting Malcom personally, I can see why all the staff members have an endearing smile whenever they mention him. Having never seen a picture of him before, I imagined Malcom to be a fairly old man with a wide smile and wearing a suit. I first met him when he walked into the office my third day of work to ask Lillian something. I first thought he was a visitor. Malcom is an older gentleman with a long white beard who usually wears comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. He saw me, walked over, and introduced himself. Right away he asked me questions about myself—where I am from, how many brothers and sisters I have, and what I want to do in the future. He listened very carefully to my replies and always paused before answering, as if he was contemplating on the best way to help me. I understood why many past Heyday interns wanted to meet alone with Malcom.

Malcom and his staff make Heyday a quirky and fun place to work in. Lillian, the Education and Outreach Director, works with me to set up events for Soul Calling: A Photographic Journey through the Hmong Diaspora, the book I am marketing this summer for Heyday. Natalie, the Marketing and Publicity Director, guides me in finding contact information for local and national media outlets.

Heyday hopes to accomplish its mission through their books, public events, and outreach programs. For example, the book I’m working with, Soul Calling, does just so. The book is a photodocumentary about the Hmong people and culture. Although there is a large population of Hmong in California, they are still a little-known people. This book helps promote this culture in order for better understanding.

My past few weeks at Heyday have been a blast. In the future, I hope to be successful in finding events for the book’s author, Joel Pickford, and learning more about California. There is a wealth of information at Heyday, and I know I’ll have an interesting time delving into it.

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