Greetings from the Heyday Interns

Interns have the perks of working for an organization and learning real world experience, business skills, and time management. As Heyday interns, we get the credit of breaking into the often impenetrable publishing world in the friendly atmosphere of a place eager to teach us. We get our hands dirty and have stories to tell about the new world we are totally immersed in. And who better to share our tales with than the followers of our very own Heyday? So we decided to start an “Intern Series.”

As part of the “Intern Series” you lucky readers will get a first hand look into the every day activities and events the interns are working on. Every week one of the interns will write about what their specific job entails and how they keep Heyday’s various departments running. For example, Kai’s posts will describe what its like working in Sales and Events this busy publishing season, whereas Tim will write about the copious tasks involved in Editorial and I will tell the news of the Marketing and Publicity department. Each intern will bring witty, intelligent, and unique stories from deep inside the publishing world of Heyday that will allow you to see what really goes on each day.

Stay tuned for some wonderfully insightful reads!