Heyday Harvest 2017

Save the date!

The eleventh annual Heyday Harvest will be held at the Berkeley City Club on Thursday, October 5, from 6 to 9:30 p.m.


Interested being a business or individual event sponsor? Download the information sheet and sponsorship form.

Questions about our signature event?

Please contact Mariko Conner, Marketing/Publicity Manager, at (510) 549-3564 ext. 308 or mariko@heydaybooks.com.

Board of Directors

Richard D. Baum, Cochair ✦ Nettie Hoge, Cochair ✦ Don Franzen ✦ Whitney Green ✦ Marty Krasney ✦ Ralph Lewin ✦ Praveen Madan ✦ Greg Sarris ✦ Sonia Torres ✦ Michael Traynor

Honorary Committee

John Gage and Linda Schacht ✦ Guy Lampard and Suzanne Badenhoop ✦ Mark Leno ✦ Tom Lutz ✦ Steve Silberstein ✦ David Talbot ✦ Alice Waters


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Photos from the 2015 Heyday Harvest by Scott Braley