Published by an Intern

Hello Heyday aficionados. I am an editorial intern and am currently working on a literary anthology of California architecture. It promises to be a great book, but unfortunately can only promise to be so until the 2010 release date; look for, what I think is no longer the tentative title, Frozen Music.

But aside from that anthology project, and all that coffee and dry cleaning that, as an intern, I’m expected to pick up, I thought that I would share a little exchange, a sparring, that has been going on between Malcolm and I. It begins with my very large book of literary criticism that I carry to class twice a week. I want to say that there is something to the stuff, that I am taking a literary theory class for more than the pretensions that I can wear after telling someone that Walter Benjamin said it better. Malcolm says that reading the theory is like doing your taxes, and I can’t disagree; the reading is a painful process. He also asks me if I’m in it for the story, and of course I say that I am; I’m all about the story. But perhaps not enough. After a few months at Heyday Books it becomes clear that Malcolm is all about the story.


  1. Interesting that’s something to think about I’m all about the story too.