Heyday at 35 Years

Heyday Books literally began as a publishing house in 1974 when Malcolm Margolin used the space under his children’s beds in his Berkeley home to store boxes of his books. He had just published his own book, East Bay Out: A Personal Guide to the East Bay Regional Parks, and he would later write and publish the widely acclaimed The Ohlone Way: Indian Life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area. Both books showed a California different from the palm trees and freeways of popular conception, and Margolin, a self-confessed writer-turned-publisher, became intrigued with carrying on this work by publishing the works of other writers and artists.

In thirty-five years, Heyday has grown from a one-man band into a highly respected publisher, with a backlist of over two hundred books, partnerships with many of the leading cultural organizations of California, and a skilled and devoted staff of fifteen. Heyday’s books, meanwhile, have become known for their lively and in-depth exploration and promotion of California’s literature, art, history, and natural life. From an account by a Mexican woman caught in the turmoil of California’s Bear Flag Rebellion to the memoir of a farmer in the Central Valley to a southern Californian artist’s depiction of modern-day saints, the stories never cease to fascinate.

We invite you to join us in the appreciation of these stories in our 35th year. Check our website for information on our events, and the blog below for a peek into what is happening in the house of Heyday this year. Sign up for our newsletter if you’d like monthly updates on our upcoming books and events. If nothing else, look through our wide-ranging catalog of books and find something you didn’t know about California.


  1. Peter Richardson says

    Happy birthday, Heyday! The blog is a great idea.