History of Heyday

Heyday was founded by Malcolm Margolin in 1974 when he wrote, typeset, designed, and distributed The East Bay Out, a quirky, personal, affectionate guide to the natural history of the hills and bayshore around Berkeley and Oakland. Out of this modest first effort a major California cultural enterprise has taken shape. Heyday publishes around twenty-five books a year, founded two successful magazines—News from Native California and Bay Nature—and has taken a lead role in dozens of prominent public education programs throughout the state.

From the start, Heyday has worked in partnership with many of California’s leading cultural organizations. We cofounded California Historical Society Press with the California Historical Society and together have published several distinguished books. Heyday also has produced books in conjunction with the California Council for the Humanities; the California State Library; the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley; the Oakland Museum of California; the Commonwealth Club of California; Santa Clara University; the California Academy of Sciences; the Japanese American National Museum; Yosemite Conservancy; and many others.

Our thirtieth anniversary in 2004 marked a great change for Heyday: the independent publisher merged with its nonprofit wing, Clapperstick Institute, to complete its transition to a full-fledged 501(c)(3) nonprofit enterprise. For a list of our funders and supporters, please see our donors.

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