Heyday’s Publishing Internship Program

Heyday’s volunteer internship program is intended to give interns marketable publishing skills and to offer an introduction to the publishing process. Internships may be offered in the areas described below, depending on project needs at the time.

“Heyday is an admirable organization and I appreciated the opportunity to contribute to and learn from a company that does such wonderful things. My supervisors really made an effort to give me important, interesting tasks beyond the menial work that characterizes most internships.”—Gina, Sales & Marketing intern, Summer 2004

“I began my internship asking myself: Can I see myself doing this later in life? I knew very little about publishing when I began, only the basics. Heyday successfully introduced me to the life of a publisher and much more. When I came to work, I not only looked forward to learning, but also helping a unique and important institute preserve and foster California’s legacy.”—Sarah, Sales & Marketing intern, Summer 2009

Sales & Marketing

Heyday offers internship opportunities in the sales/marketing department. Interns will be directly involved with all aspects of these departments and have hands-on experience with marketing one of our key titles. For more information, download a detailed description of Heyday’s Sales & Marketing Internship Program here.

We ask that interns commit to work with us for twelve hours per week for a three-month period: fall (mid-September through mid-December); winter/spring (February through April); or summer (June through August). Longer internships (4-6 months) are also available with the marketing department. Course credit can be arranged for university and college students.

Applications for Fall 2017 are now being accepted.

Please send your résumé and a cover letter explaining your interest in an internship in publishing to:

Internship Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 9145
Berkeley, CA 94709
Fax: (510) 549-1889

No phone calls, please.

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