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Midweek Update
Sketching Essentials

When I go on a hike knowing I’d like to do some sketching, the last thing I want is to lug around a heavy pack. I’ve done that before, and it was not fun! Now, I have a group of convenient items that make my field-sketching adventures much more enjoyable. One great find is a carrying case for pens, pencils, and brushes that rolls up into a small and lightweight bundle. This way, I can carry all my drawing and painting utensils in one place. I almost always bring a pair of cut-off gloves with me as well. Even on a warm day I get cold when I sit in one place for a period of time. Cut-off gloves leave my fingers free to sketch and keep my hands warm at the same time. These are also convenient because I use the cut-offs of the gloves to absorb excess water from my watercolor brush, eliminating the need to bring a towel or cloth. Finally, I discovered that for me, the best way to carry everything is in a lightweight over-the-shoulder bag. It helps if it has a thick adjustable strap and several compartments.

Two essential items I didn’t talk about are paints and paper…find out what my favorite kinds are in the next tip!
See you at the beach!
Annette Filice (Scientific Illustrator Intern)

Sketch Notes:
Sketching Essentials:
1. I like convenient carrying cases that have a lot of compartments for pens, pencils, brushes, and more. It rolls up…and fits nicely into my bag.
2. Cut-off gloves are nice to have because they leave my fingers free to draw and keep my hands warm at the same time. I also like to use the cut-offs to clean my watercolor brush occasionally.
3. I use a lightweight over-the-shoulder bag with an adjustable strap. Comfort is key!


  1. Nicole Adams says

    This one just screams “Nettie”. Good work!

  2. I use a holder like that for all of my knitting needles 🙂